Picture of Knex Black Carbon Serated Knife
This is my first ever Instructable so please give me advice and tips. (If you want to, I'm not forcing you)

Well I was just messing around with my knex when I noticed that when I put a silver spacer on top of a ball joint it looks kind of serated...

It's also good because it hardly uses any pieces.

After I'd messed around enough I came up with this, a black, carbon looking serated knife. Well here it is:

I'd also like to hear about any mods to it please

Step 1: The Pieces You Will Need:

Here are the pieces you need to make the whole knife:


17 green
10 white
1 grey
1 long flexible


2 orange (holds 2 rods)
4 grey (holds 2 rods)
3 red (holds 3 rods)
3 green (holds 4)
6 yellow (holds 5)


9 blue spacers
25 silver spacers
25 ball joints
23 ball joint connectors
3 little ball joint connectors

I think thats all of them...
Tell me if its wrong.
TOMNDAN6 years ago
does it ACTUALLY cut?!?!?!
whered u get so many ball joints???!!!!
it does look bendy. How do the silver spacers stay on. They look like they would just keep falling off.
AZIMUT (author)  codemaster25907 years ago
It is a little bendy but the silver spacers fit snugly over the ball joints, try it and you'll know what I mean
i would try but i dont have enough silver spacers to make it. I dont know what happended to all the ones that i had but they are gone now.
I think he means just put a silver spacer over a ball joint and see if it fits
Looks a bit bendy wendy if ou know what i mean....
AZIMUT (author) 7 years ago
Here is the link for my performance pistol:

My Performance Pistol
AZIMUT (author) 7 years ago
Im doing an instructable for the xm8 an my own pistol It shoots blue, white or green rods. I dinted my wall with it :(
AZIMUT (author) 7 years ago
Can u all C The PIcs NoW? Also What u think Of ThIs: Its ALIHISGREAT's xm8 but with sum cool mods Worth doin an instructable?
i can see them now. that looks like its worth it.
AZIMUT (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
ok i might post 1 later
AZIMUT (author) 7 years ago
I did put pictures but there gone... Il try and sort it out
ask a admin, it could be a glitch.
AZIMUT (author) 7 years ago
isnt that the same list as i put? u esplained it beter tho :)
dude all the pictures are gone!
oops, i did not see the list...
crapflinger7 years ago
definitely list it as k-nex and maybe some pictures would help
Browncoat7 years ago
You might wanna include the word "k'nex" in the title/description. :)
AZIMUT (author) 7 years ago
check out my truck:

my monster truck thing

what do ya think?

dsman1952767 years ago
pieces list: exotic: ball joint balls 27 ball joint sockets 23 black hands 3 connectors: yellow 4 green 2 red 3 light grey 4 rods: grey rod 1 bendy grey rod 1 white 8 green `17 miscellaneous: grey spacers 25 blue spacers 9 feel free to use this just give me credit.
dsman1952767 years ago
lol It's also good because it hardly uses any pieces.

i don't have enough pieces to build this. its a ok knife but it uses WAY to many exotic pieces.