Black Walnut Seed Ring.





Introduction: Black Walnut Seed Ring.

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Its valentine's time and also my wedding anniversary and a tiny budget in my pocket force me to find a solution for a gift to my beloved one.

From the last Walnut season I got some seeds so its the best excuse to put my tools up and start to create.

Step 1: Tools & Other Stuff.

Safety is first and a I mean it. The hardest thing in this project was to cut the slice of Walnut seed so safety is first put on some gloves, safety goggles.

Dremel Stylus.

Hack Saw.

Sand Paper.from 180 to 600.

Soldering Iron engraving (Optional)

Step 2: Cut the Slice.

Its better to work with fresh seeds, because those dont break easy.Cut with the hack saw carefully and wearing safety gloves and safety goggles.The slice must be 1 centimeter thick.

Step 3: Carving.

In orde r to remove the inner part of the seed you could use the dremel with a carving tool , then put on the little sand belt and smooth the inner surface and shape the outsid eof the seed. If you like more hand tools so you could use a thin hack saw and smooth with sand paper.

Step 4: Sanding & Final Touches.

I started to sand with rough 180 sand paper then sand with thin or softer sand paper.Due to fine grain it doesn`t need to varnish.

I hope you like it rated and vote.

Try this at home and let me know how results.



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    Doesn't the ring dry out and split?

    does it have to be fresh cause I have some dried ones but you still have to use the plyers to crack em

    I would recommend that first you put it in some water for 1 day then would be more flexible.

    I love its simplicity...thanks for your comment.

    Wow, I had no idea walnut seed could look that good, even though I've been amazed by its unique outside carvings :)

    Yeahh...some people just see those ugly seeds but that depends of the point of view. It has an inner beauty.

    That is a really great idea ! The end result reminds me of antler :)

    Its funny! that was my inspiration, the mix between rough surface and the shinning shape.