Black and White Beauty


Introduction: Black and White Beauty

This pattern came out about 20 years ago.
I didn't try the pattern until last year.
This was the 4th one I made in 2007. It is
called Lace and Bobbles and is my very favorite pattern of all.
It fits on top of a Queen size bed.



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    Nice job,my grandmother used to crochet,and she earned a living doing it,now my sister in law does some nice work also,she made my seven month old nephew a carrot costume for Halloween.

    I would also would appreciate the pattern for this lovely work--thank you for sharing the finished afghan (and the pattern if it's possible). My email is

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    The pattern is found in Leisure Arts #100318, Afghans for All Seasons (Book 1) by Anne Childs. It is called Stitch Sampler by Jean Holzman. I think it was also published later under the name Bobbles and Lace but I am not sure which book. You can find the book on Amazon. Ebay, and also on the Leisure Arts web site. This is a beautiful example of the pattern!

    You have done great work. I would love a copy of the pattern for this blanket or if you know where to get it I would appreciate it. My email is Thanks....Keri

    I'd love to make this one - how do we get instructions?

    bevneal01 say's: This is so beautiful! My favorite color's,it look's like it would be very hard to do. I would love to have the pattern,if you would be willing.My e-mail is I'm in the contest too. Great Job!


    From someone who loves b&w; photography and crochets....Your afghan really stuck out to me....I love that pattern and the colors. It is very striking. Any way to get the pattern?

    This is absolutely beautiful...even more so because of the contrast in color! I love it!

    Thanks.... I love to crochet at warp eh

    This is really lovely and being in black and white makes it even more striking.