Picture of Black ops play times
Hi everyone!
As you know I like CoD, but what you probably don't know is that I don't have a lot of friends with the CoD's I have.
So I thought of somthing!
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Step 1: Info

Picture of Info
I got thinking......
I can get you guys to play!
This instructable will get updated everytime that I am doing a tournament.

Step 2: Games

Picture of Games
As this is a double tournament weekend there will be 2 sets of 4 games, for a total of 8 rounds collectively the games are: 16 player Team Deathmatch, 12 player Hardcore Free for all, 12 player sabotage and 16 player CTF.
The winning team is the team with the highest collectibe score, so if you lost tournament 1 your team may still win in tournament 2.

Please note that mikeasaurus may or may not remove this, so if you cant see this it will probably be on again in the next 12-24 hours.

Step 3: Player spots

Picture of Player spots
Although all the games are 10-12 players they don't work in the way that there a 11 strangers vs me.
I will have friends who play a bit and are good to balance out the teams.
Reserved spots belong to:
BeerJingle (Me)
Dubitsue (My best friend)
xXSalty PepperXx (My sister's friend who, Salty is a very cool guy)

There may or may not be more or less players than is listed here.
This means that there will be a random number of open spots.

Step 4: Joining

Picture of Joining
The game does not start until there are 12 players in the lobby (or 10 depending on game type).
To join send me a message saying: I read your instructable
This tells me that you read EVERYTHING in this instuctable.
Note: Due to the last tournament not getting even 6 players the game will start when an even number of players on both teams is reached.
DaveDude1211 months ago
Cool what s your gamertag so i can add you