BlackBerry Macro Lens


Introduction: BlackBerry Macro Lens

Use an old throw-away camera for a macro lens on your BlackBerry.

Step 1: Rip Apart Old Camera

You probably have one of these lying around and if you don't, just go buy a cheap one from dollar general. that or you can rip out the Lens from an old CD or DVD player. which ever one you choose strip out the lens and set it aside.

Step 2: Fit It in the Bberry

remove the back and fit the lens over the camera.

Step 3: Start Snaping Photos.

Start taking pictures and Video of all sorts of things. Comment or leave me a question. thanks.



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    This is amazing and is around 50x zoomed in than real life. I have a Blackberry too but can't do this cool idea because i don't have the materials.