BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Keyboard/Trackball Colour Mod

Picture of BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Keyboard/Trackball Colour Mod
How to colour your BlackBerry Pearl 8130's keyboard and trackball lights!
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Step 1: Variations

You can also do a mulit-colour pearl gig, which is what I did after all was said and done, just pull it back apart and colour either the keyboard or trackball a different colour, although what I had to do is take it apart, and, VERY CAREFULLY, scrape away the marker with a exacto knife, then re-colour it, mine now has a red trackball with a blue keyboard! Sorry for not posting pics of that, I will when i finish modding my camera! :P
shveet6 years ago
nice Instructable but one question... what size must the torx screw be cuz I don't own any and i havent used a torx screw before... i really hate how my keybord and track ball are 2 different colours ones red and another is white oO so any pointers on wich size?
rednhez shveet5 years ago
i think its a t6 i used both a t5 and t7. t5 was too small, t7 was a little too big.