This is a very hot 2014 summer. If you found a refreshing drink to cool you down, awesome. But if you'er still looking we have an idea, Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade. This is a green tea concoction from Teavana. Do not under estimate Teavana, they know how to bring flavor’s together and mix them with tea leaves.

Green tea has catechins that can trigger abdominal fat loss, wow cool down and loss some belly fat all at the same time. Green tea also supports healthy skin.

You can buy bottled green teas, and energy drinks that contain green tea extracts, but all the above mentioned benefits is only possible when you buy the tea leaves yourself and make the tea at home. Processing of the tea leaves for bottling doesn't always hold the integrity of the tea or in other words its full potential of benefits.

For our feature beverage: Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade.

Step 1:

12 teaspoons Blackberry Mojito Green Tea (purchase on line from Teavana or if possible at a local Teavana store)

1 cup lemon juice, from 5 lemons

1/2 cup sugar (optional to use Teavana’s rock sugar)

6 cups fresh water, boiled

The color came out beautiful in this drink. Makes me want to reach into my screen for a drink!
<p>Wow, thanks for your comment. It even smelt wonderful while the tea was steeping.</p><p>Thanks again for viewing our Instructable. Don't forget to link over to www.splendidrecipesandmore.com , for more great recipes, that you just might want to reach into the screen for!! :)</p><p>Regrads,</p><p>Randy</p>

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