Introduction: Blackboard Labels

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Turning ordinary jars into jars with blackboard labels.

Items required:
Blackboard Paint
Turpentine to clean brush
Dust mask because the blackboard paint is pretty toxic to paint with

Special items:
Marker pen

Step 1: The Trick Is the Template

Picture of The Trick Is the Template

The trick to the uniformity is the template made from a marker pen onto a piece of cardboard.

Now insert that piece of cardboard into every jar when you paint it.

I wanted a slightly messy brushed on look hence I used a template, not some sort of stencil.


mikeasaurus (author)2012-08-06

Nice project!

I like the addition of a template to make the writable space uniform, you could also try my method of taping off the jars before applying the paint.

lakazdi (author)mikeasaurus2012-08-06

Thanks mikeasaurus.

Your jars came up nice. I was after a different aesthetic and also the idea of putting all that tape down in the same size rectangle in the same area of the jar for 12 jars seemed like more work than it was worth for me. Kudos to your patience though.

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