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Introduction: Blackboard/Chalk Cloth Lunchbag

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Due to the overwhelming response, I am asking for your support so I can manufacture these and get them in stores. I made some design changes...check out and support me!

An easy, fun way to make your kids lunch special. An easy-to-sew lunchbag. Write an important note to your kid, remind them of an upcoming test, let them know what’s for lunch or just tell them how special they are. It easily wipes clean with a paper towel.

Step 1: Cut Pieces

Cut two 9 ½ x 13 pieces of blackboard/chalk cloth (

Step 2: Pin & Sew

Pin right sides together and sew 3 sides, leaving a short side open.
I cut the “open side” with pinking shears (not shown)
Make sure to reinforce the corners by backstitching at the beginning and end of the seam.

Step 3: Pull Bag Into Shape

Pull the bag at its sides so a
diamond shape is formed on top.

Mark 2 inches from point of
diamond to middle of diamond and sew across. Reinforce seams. 

Cut off the corners about ¼” from seam.

Step 4: Turn Inside Out

Turn the bag right side out.

For closure, attach one half of a Velcro sticker to the top portion of one side, roll down and attach the other half to the other side.

Step 5: Easily Wipes Down

It easily wipes clean with a damp paper towel.



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    Sew in some type of insulation for a better insulating one. to keep your lunch cooler longer.

    I'm an old design engineer who has hired a lot of newly graduated engineers. Creativity like yours is what we look for but seldom find. Consider a profession related to product design.

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    This is just plain fun! Looks cool too, and is reusable. Even if the cloth is expensive it's worth it for the uniqueness of it. It would make a fun gift sack too, a sack that is part of the gift.

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    Due to hurricane Irene, I couldn't reply sooner.
    Thank you all for the wonderful comments and ideas. Maybe I should try to patent this idea!

    Thanks again. I love this site and its members!!

    Cute bag, but if you are going to make these, please check the fine print on the chalk cloth you use. Much of it is not food safe or safe for kids under age 12. I have purchased some that advertised use for making kids products only to find in the small print that it wasn't safe to use. Same with oil cloth. These materials most of the time contain BPA and the oils in the materials get on the little ones hands and then in their mouths without even noticing.

    I think this is an adorable idea!

    As for overkill; that's probably in the eye of the beholder. Some of us enjoy making things, others not so much. Actually, making stuff is why I bought and renew my Instructables membership. As for cost: what's the difference between paying for oil cloth and paper bags? As for product placement: the children of oil cloth people need to eat, too!

    I found a more cost-effective blackboard oil cloth here (thanks Google):

    I'm not sure blackboard paint would adhere well to regular oil cloth, but that's another example of how people who like to make stuff themselves think! Which cycles this comment back to "overkill is in the eye of the beholder".

    Thanks for sharing a cute idea!

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    Thank you for your reply. Your points are all things I wanted to say, except in a much calmer manner. I may have gotten myself banned had I not read this. You rock.

    If you need the bag to be insulated, then I would cut out a square with pinking shears and sew it onto the front of an insulated lunch bag. Great idea! Thanks!

    I LIKE it!!! Thanks. And as to the comment of "overkill and paper bags", just think how many trees this bag will save. Brava!

    You could even put in some plastic lining on the inside to make this bag easy to clean/more sanitary and truly recyclable. You can find any gauge plastic you need at WallyWorld reasonably inexpensive. Attach with some washable fabric glue like Aleene's Jewel-It, et voila, a thing of beauty! *smile*

    The possibilities are endless, decorate it with beads, ribbons, decals, etc. Make a little bag to hang a piece of chalk for added comments from the "peanut gallery".

    Very cool "ible"

    God bless

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    Glue a plastic lining bag from a large box of cereal to the interior of the lunchbag, and it will be waterproof and practically indestructable! You can't hardly poke a hole on purpose in that stuff!

    Love the "ible".

    I love this idea, what a fun way to send your child to school! So do I only need to buy one yard of fabric if it is 47 1/2 inches wide? How many will one yard make? Thanks for this - I just love it!

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    I think you could get four bags out of a 47 1/2" X 36" piece of fabric, with a bit left over. If you wanted to make more bags, you could do just one side of the bag in the chalkboard oilcloth, and the other side in a plain, cheaper oilcloth. It would still be durable and fun, but you'd save a bit of money.

    Btw, I found some chalkboard cloth at Amazon for MUCH cheaper than the Bellocio website.  Link here, or look up "48'' Wide Chalk Cloth Fabric By The Yard." It's only $10.98 a yard, and the cloth is 48" wide. Be sure and read the reviews, as they give tips on how to sew it.

    Here is another source, at $10.25/yard: Online Fabric Store.

    Very fun, cute idea! I never even heard of chalkboard oilcloth until now. This should encourage more people to give their children reusable bags instead of paper bags that will wind up in a landfill after only one use.

    A really nice idea!
    It's reusable and stronger than just some paper bag. Try spilling fluids or jam in a paper bag and see how that looks.
    I have some leftovers laying around from another project. Might give it a try.