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Winter is finally over!!!! Time for spring cleaning and I'm not talking about your closet. We need to get rid of the blackheads on our face. Blackheads form when hair follicles on the skin get clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells. When oil builds up, it pulls to collect dirt and dead skin cells. If not washed off, the oil falls back into the pore and forms a clog known as a comedo. When a comedo has an opening at the surface, it appears darker; this is the dreaded blackhead.

The Blackhead Removal and Smoothing Mask is quick and you probably have all the ingredients at your house already! This mask is super easy and you will have less blackheads and baby soft skin.
What You Will Need:

Almond milk (or any milk that you prefer)
Unflavored gelatin (Jell-O)
Essential oil (I would suggest eucalyptus because it provides a cooling and refreshing effect)
Small Bowl
Microwave or Stove

Benefits of the Ingredients for your Skin:

Almond Milk - Almond milk is used to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Another benefit is the  increasing of  smooth skin tone, radiation, glow, and softness.

Gelatin-  is an ingredient extracted from animal skin and bone and contains collagen-like characteristics that strengthen skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production to keep skin smooth, firm and reduces skin hyperpigmentation problems like dark spots and age spots.

Essential Oil- is a fragrant, highly concentrated natural constituents that are found in plants.

Step 1:

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Wash and pat your face dry, this is very important because the mask will not stick.

Step 2:

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In a small bowl, empty one packet of unflavored gelatin.

Step 3:

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Add 3 drops of essential oil

Step 4:

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Add 2 1/2 tbs of almond milk to the gelatin and essential oil mixture. Use the spoon and stir until it is completely moist. It will be very clumpy.

Step 5:

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Microwave the mixture for 10 seconds,the mixture will look smooth and shouldn't have clumps. If it has clumps put it back in the microwave for 5 more seconds.

Step 6:

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The mixture will be warm so please be careful when putting it on your face, make sure it is not too hot. The mixture hardens quickly, so you have to slather the mixture on your face quickly. Avoid eyes, eyebrows and your hairline.

Step 7:

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When the mask is stiff and dry ( it usually takes 10-15 minutes) you can start peeling the mask.

Step 8:

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If you missed any bits you can gently rinse it off with warm water.

Step 9:

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Apply a great moisturizer

Step 10:

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Feel your smooth blackhead free baby soft skin.


shazni (author)2014-04-15

I have oily skin and black heads and white heads are a major problem for me. Did a facial recently and my face looked like it was battered after the steam and blackheads removal. Of course I used a cold compress and was back to normal! Lol.

Is there another option for the oil? Can I use olive oil? As that's what I have sround

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)shazni2014-04-15

Hello Shazni!

I am guessing that the olive oil you have is from the grocery store? This is not for the skin. But there is olive oil that is topical and there are great brands. I used the eucalyptus essential oil because of the healing properties, you can do lavender or a reader suggested Frakincense...which I will try in the future. There are a lot of essential oils. Also you do not have to put an essential oil (that is topical....meaning you can put it on your skin)....but the best thing to do is research and try it on your arm first. I always believe in research. Hope this helped! Let me know :) (Also I bought my essential oil at Walgreens for $8.99 in the skin and body section)

shazni (author)Skin Beauty Fairy2014-04-15

Thanks :-) I have looked for eucalyptus oil before in pharmacies but never found it. I have to check where I can get essential oils. The place you mentioned would not help as I'm in Sri Lanka ;-).

bsims1 (author)shazni2014-04-16

That's ironic shazni, since a lot of essential oils, like cinnamon and clove, are imported from Sri Lanka. Eucalyptus is produced in India. Can you order from Amazon? Coconut oil is a really good skin moisturizer, and you probably have a lot of that in your area.

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)bsims12014-04-16

The thought crossed my mind as well bsims1. maybe able to find essential oil at an herb store? I'm really believe you can find one there :)

shazni (author)Skin Beauty Fairy2014-04-17

Thanks! Coconut is easy as my Mom in law makes her own from scratch. I shall try herb shops too. Over here herb shops are called Ayurweda Shops. It's sort of an alternate medicine shop :-D.

Gingerkath (author)shazni2015-03-22

Shazni - I'd love to know how your Mom in law makes her own Coconut Oil. Maybe she'd create an instructable about it! :-)

shazni (author)Gingerkath2015-03-22

I shall ask her and try and make an instructable for you. But it will take some time as she is going on holiday soon.

Gingerkath (author)2015-03-22

Great article. Clear instructions and great pictures. I'm looking forward to trying this, and am sending the link to others who I think might be interested. :-)

haileyhula6 (author)2014-08-17

I will have to try this... Do u think that tea tree oil will work?

kayslay125 (author)2014-07-14

Hi! Do you know of any ways to get rid of milia?

Unfortunately there isn't a way to get rid of milia naturally. You can go to a dermatologist and they will get a lancet and remove them, I do know that exfoliating your skin will help. I recommend dermalogica microfoliant because it is not to harsh. Please do not use an apricot scrub they are to harsh and will damage your skin. Also make sure you use sunscreen. Hope this helps.

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)2014-05-25

Hello Bookworm2310! You can use coconut milk or regular milk,That would be a great substitute! Please let me know if you try the mask

Bookworm2310 (author)2014-05-24

I'm allergic to nuts. Can you think of a substitute for the almond milk?

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)2014-05-16

JaelynRae- I am so happy that the mask worked for you!!! Great suggestion with the Jojoba oil!!! Thank you for the compliments, also. I will have a new instructable on grapeseed oil soon and I hope you try it! I wish you all the best!!!

JaelynRae (author)2014-05-16

I just tried it and aside from accidentally getting some on my bottom eyelashes, it worked great! I love how it really smooths my skin and makes my mineral powder makeup cover without looking dry...the way it used to.

I made a few minor substitutions in case anyone is interested, I used:

-organic grass fed geletin

-pure unflavored coconut milk

-5 drops of organic cold pressed Jojoba oil

I followed with a light layer of jojoba oil and my skin has never felt so soft! :)

JaelynRae (author)JaelynRae2014-05-16

Forgot to add - you are amazingly blessed to have such beautiful smooth skin! Gorgeous!

I am extremely light sensitive so I am always squinting, and as a result have forehead/brow wrinkle lines. So I am always a little envious of those with a naturally smooth forehead, not enough to willingly inject botox though. I am content to admire the beauty in others. ;)

JaelynRae (author)2014-05-12

Jojoba or coconut (cold-pressed organic) oil would be a great substitute oil and both are pretty easy to find/buy locally. I use jojoba oil as a moisturizer at night and love the soft skin in the morning!

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)2014-05-07

Please let me know mevans37 of you try it!!! It sounds like your skin is sensitive so I would suggest to do a spot treatment... On the nose, chin etc. ;)

mevans37 (author)2014-05-07

Okay THAT IS IT!! I have read So many positive reviews that I MUST try this mask....I usually use a peeling cucumber mask, but it just smooths the skin and DOES expose the blackheads better so they can be exfoliated. But those Biore things don't form to my nose shape and so I peel away clean strips. This sounds like it works and it makes sense, if it can pull without damaging my skin. I'll let you know

acuchetto (author)2014-04-14

I approached this thinking it wouldn't be good (blackheads and almond milk--ick!), but after reading your clear instructions, rationale, and images, I will probably try this myself. (Even though I already have other masks and facial scrubs I rarely use.) Well done. I look forward to more instructables from you!

I think I will try to make this in a small batch to avoid having to dump the extra, as you had to do. (It probably wouldn't store well.) I wonder if substituting an egg for the gelatin would work? What do you think?

DeeRilee (author)acuchetto2014-04-20

I haven't tried this recipe, but I'm guessing that substituting egg would not give the same results.

Hello acuchetto,

I hope you try the Blackhead Removal Smoothing Mask how I described but I did research regarding eggs. I would suggest only using egg whites and you should beat it until they are "frothy" the egg whites will give you a nice glow (after you wash it off with warm water) and will tighten skin but they will not help with the blackheads. The almond milk is also soothing also the gelatin actually helps take out the blackheads because it pulls them out.....Please let me know how it works for you! Thank you for at least giving my Instructables a chance!

HagridsMom (author)2014-04-20

On days when you don't have time to do this - try washing your face with a baking soda paste that you mix in your hand before applying. A little bit will do and your blackheads will be less noticeable and your face will be smooth! I've even tried it on my knees after gardening with a little brush!

I will try this!!! Is the paste just water and baking soda? Thanks for the suggestion.

nerdymustache (author)2014-04-20

im a normal teenager i get lots of black heads i saw this instructable on my email and i tried this recipe it does hurt a little bit bu the ending results are great Thanks so much

In glad it worked out for you! You can try a spot treatment also... The nose, under your chin. It does hurt a little bit.... Sorry. Also right below in the comment hagridsmom gave a suggestion of baking soda... I'm going to try it.

Guinea Bee (author)2014-04-17

I went to click "I Made it!" but it wants me to add an imagine. :(

But anywho.. I just wanted to say this is really awesome. I used regular milk and microwaved it for 15 seconds because I wasn't paying attention. I stirred the mixture until it cooled off and started dabbing it on. I went over areas a few times so it really got all glopped on. I used about half of the mixture (might be an excuse to have a friend over to do it with so you can share).
When I went to peel it off, I can't lie.. it hurt a bit. But that's because it was pulling up the peach fuzz off of my face, which I definitely consider a positive. Like the author says, avoid your hairline and eyebrows. This stuff hardens pretty good and will pull out hair. There was also some crap being pulled out of my pores. I had my boyfriend feel my face before I put on lotion and he said it was super soft (I agree).

Biore Strips do work better at pulling gunk out of pores, but for the price, this stuff is amazing. I will definitely be doing this on a weekly basis.

Oh yeah, I found that using a nail brush helps to get rid of the last of the flakes a lot easier than picking them off.

I also want to say thank you to the Skin Beauty Fairy for this. This is exactly what I was looking for to help smooth out my skin. :)

Thank you so much for the great comments, it means a lot...really does.
Great idea about the nail brush.
The mask does hurt a little bit... But the after affect is worth it.... Also you can share with friends... Have a spa day or you can do the mask on your boyfriend... Spot treatment. He will enjoy it! ;)

Guinea Bee (author)Guinea Bee2014-04-17

Sorry.. I guess the link doesn't want to post right. It was just an example of a nail brush in case someone was confused. :P

I would love to see what you were going to post.

aqwiz (author)2014-04-17

Not to be "that guy" (well I usually am that guy actually) but the singular form is comedo, comedone is plural.

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)aqwiz2014-04-17

I will find out.. Thanks for letting me know, and I will change it. Being that guy when it's constructive is great.

Looked it up... Thanks... Can't edit on my iPhone ....or haven't figured it out.... It will be changed soon. Thanks again

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)2014-04-16

If the scour pad works for you Wroger - Wroger then thats great. :) I just would suggest making sure its not scratching your skin layers off...I have never tried the scour pad method. But just a suggestion.Thank you for looking at my Instructable and maybe you can try it, if you have time. I would like to know the results if you do :)

racham6 (author)2014-04-16

This is fantastic, and you look great! Thank you.


Thank you for the compliment, the teenagers are going to have fun with it. I would suggest maybe having them do spot treatments the nose, and chin.Basically the "T- Zone". Please let me know if you try it! Thanks :)

dman789 (author)2014-04-15

I'm a guy and I always get these on my nose and upper cheek I tried glue once but it didn't work so I shall try this very helpful

This is a great mask to try...let me know how it works for you.

bloveds (author)2014-04-15

Nice recipe. Might consider using Frankincense as it is incredibly healing to the skin. Research even shows very effective results with skin cancer. I am going to try this tonight.

Thank you. I will research frankincense... Especially since you said it had healing properties for skin cancer! Let me know how the mask works for you.

40enlil (author)2014-04-15

HollyHarken (author)2014-04-15

Thank you very much for posting this!! I have been wondering how to do this. Now I know how thanks to you. I'll be sure to avoid my hair line and eyebrows as you've advised. Most of my blackheads are in the nose and chin areas. I have nearly everything on hand to make this so I'll give it a try soon.

Your welcome Holly. Please let me know when you try the mask. ;) oh and I like that hat!!!!!

jfleeman1 (author)2014-04-15

I will definately be trying this mask, I hope my skin will look as beautiful as yours does. You did a great job detailing the instructions, especially since this was your first one. Thanks for adding this instructable!

Thank you for the compliment. I worked hard on the instructable and I am so thankful that people are responding to the mask so positively. Let me know when you try the mask.

0sme0 (author)2014-04-15

If you were to get it on your eyebrows would it pull them out when you peel off the mask?

Skin Beauty Fairy (author)0sme02014-04-15

I think it will to be honest with you, I would be be very careful ... You can put Vaseline on your eyebrows and around your hairline... I had a few hairs that I didn't realize I had on my chin... Just being honest....that were taken out. :) let me know if you try the mask ;)

nfares16 (author)2014-04-15

Very pretty

Thank you, please let me know when you try the mask

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