Introduction: Blacklight Fun

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Blacklights are super cool to work with!

In this instructable, I will so you cool blacklight ticks and tips to make your house look awesome for tick and treater's

Sorry, Its hard to take pic's of blacklight

Step 1: Get a Blacklight

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I have a longer one that can be screwed to a wall from Walmart, it costs around 22.00. There's all kinds of lights you can get, Here's some from Google.

Step 2: Tips

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Blacklights might sound easy, and they are! Here's Helpful tips!

* Don't blind anyone! Place lights in good places so they don't cause any problems.

* Blacklights work best in dark places and night, if trick and treating happens when its still light out, hang black trash bags up, works best on roofed decks, etc.

* Some things don't glow in the Blacklight's awesomeness. Test prop's first to see if they work.

* Glow and the dark toys/prop's work great in blacklight.

Step 3: Tricks

There's all kinds of tricks. Here's some good ones!

UV ink- can be splattered on walls.

Tonic water- glows in blacklight, can be found at Walmart

Bright clothes- some clothes glow awesomely in black light

Glow in the dark paint- you can paint ghostly figures with it, can be splattered on walls to.

Slime- some toy slime may glow in black light

cobwebs- some brands may glow, add spiders to.:-)

Step 4: Have Fun

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Have fun with your blacklight!



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