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Introduction: DIY Tealight Candle Holder

I made a Tealight Candle Holder from Blackthorn wood and walnut.I think it would be a very nice decoration for tables at a wedding or another special occasion. I made a YouTube video of the build process,please subscribe and thumbs up!

Step 1: Split the Wood & Flatten the Top

  • I used my favorite Hultafors axe to split the log and level the top.
  • I used the axe to remove as much wood as I could before sanding it perfectly flat as it would save alot of time at the sanding stage.
  • be careful not to chop your fingers off!

Step 2: Make a Dado

  • I set the depth of cut on my mitre saw
  • I made a dado in the bottom of the log by making multiple cuts
  • I test fitted my walnut piece until it fit snuggly.
  • I used a chisel the clean out the excess wood from the dado.

Step 3: Glue & Clamp

  • I cut the walnut scrap to size on the mitre saw
  • I used this piece so the candle holder would sit level and not roll around
  • I glued and clamped the wall nut piece in over night

Step 4: Drill the Candle Holes

  • I used my redneck drill press and a 38mm spade bit to drill the candle holes.
  • most good quality tealights are 38mm in diameter including their metal holder.
  • If you use cheaper tealights they may be bigger than 38mm
  • Mark out the 3 places where you will drill carefully
  • Then drill them out with care.

Step 5: Spray on Your Finish

  • I used a polyurethane spray finish on the holder
  • I sprayed on 3 coats sanding lightly between each coat.
  • Use a paint brush to stop any runs spreading before the polyurethane drys
  • using the brush will save you lots of time on sanding.

Step 6: Add Some Candles & Light Them

  • I added some lavender scented tealights
  • The pink colour of the candles went well with the pink and purple colours through the wood.
  • I made a youtube video of the build process
  • Please subscribe and thumbs up!

If you like this video here is a link to my channel!Thanks for watching!

Step 7:

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Looks really nice - will be stealing this idea for something to build and include in my other half's Christmas box :o)

Fire hazzard?! awesome tinder for an wood stove...

Hey im not sure what you mean?

it would hardly qualify for entry to the Halloween contest?

Beautiful project! The design is awesome. Thanks

thanks I am really happy with how it turned out!!

Looks stellar and so simple. Nicely done !