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I made these replica blades six years ago when I was seventeen. They are made after my favorite game God of War (for those who don't know). They aren't perfect but i think they are pretty good for a first try with what tools I had (jigsaw, sander and a wood file). I have learned a lot and acquired way more tools since then haha.
They are made from a single piece of knotty pine and a length of chain.

-First i started with a template for the pieces i needed.
-I cut out a main sword piece and then two more to go on each side of the main piece.
-Then i filed and sanded like crazy until the blade had a nice edge and was smooth.
-Painted the pieces and screwed them together. Attached the chain to the butt of the handle and was done.

And now they make a nice edition to my game room.


demonfox (author)2011-03-29

Wait... Deja vu....
You've already posted these before, what gives?
I get it, you love me complimenting you dontcha?

daveofwar (author)demonfox2011-03-30

Yeah i cant figure out how to enter a new contest with an instructable i have already published so I just did it this way until i can figure it out.

Mr. tony stark (author)daveofwar2012-12-21

you can't enter a predated instructable in a contest. it has to be a new one

MattGyver92 (author)2011-04-04

Oooh, very nice. Like the blood. Likeness captured. *VOTE*

wilgubeast (author)2011-03-29

Wow. Hand-filed and hand-sanded? These are slick. And I bet your fingers and wrists were in great shape for playing God of War after you finished.

seriously... a more in depth instructable would've been nice- I wold like to make these.

daveofwar (author)larslovespeace2011-03-30

Unfortunatly I made these before i new of this site haha so I dont have any pictures of how i made them. I make sure to document my new projects though so don't worry haha. I got a couple more god of war ideas in the works too.

daveofwar (author)wilgubeast2011-03-30

Thanks man. It took me awhile but i did it haha. Back then i didnt have much to make my crazy projects but i managed, I've got way better tools now haha.

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