Blades foe x-acto knife are too much expensive for me...
i prefer take a simple blade for cutter dissassemble se single little blade and use on x-acto knife!''

Step 1: What You Need!

1 cutter whith 45 or 60 degrees blade

2 x-acto knife

Step 2: Broke the Blade!

Whith the help of two clamp broke the blade.

Step 3: The Blades!!

Now you have the blade and you can put them on your akto knife!!
And now cut somethink!!!!!!!
Good idea!
Much better than Revell brand blades, I bought a package of them because the craft store didn't have x-acto brand and found they couldn't even cut through cardboard. <br />
it's supposed to cut through nothing except your pocket and budget
Say where could a person get an X-Acto knife... i've heard,seen, and wanted one and i have absolute no clue where to get one. >.>
from ebay or look in staples or craft knifes
i was searching through some stuff in my junk drawer and i found a small box with10 exacto blades in it brand new no idea where it came from!
Neat idea! Out of curiosity - how much do the real blades cost?
20$ for 100 blades
I don't know how much cost on usa but here in italy more than 3 euro each one!!! bye thanks!
About $3 for the regular small blade pack of 5 in X-acto brand, $1.50 for the off brand, but they are thinner and bend more (good for some things, worse for others). Blades for the bigger handle (and most special shapes) run $3-5 for a pack of 2.
Here in italy blades cost many.. because the large part of people prefer use normal cutter whith the 45° blades... In mani hardware store is very difficult find the x-acto knife blade.. bye thanks
Please try to be a little more clear in your diction
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Thank you.
I've noticed that you enjoy pointing out other peoples' imperfections. Maybe a pretentious person like yourself would be happier on some other site. SO GO THERE!!
Wow.. beautifully simple but I'd never even thought of it. Combine with <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-X-Acto-Knife/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-X-Acto-Knife/</a> and stick it to the man in a crafty DIY fashion :)<br/>
very nice =) *rated* <br/>
haha grazie!
great instructable! exacto blades are wayyyyy too expensive. you can buy a set of 5 of those plastic knives filled with the snap off razors for cheaper(atleast at my local hardware store)
In the usa allthing cost very very much less than here in italy sorry i'm a poor guy!
Does the blade slip and rotate in the slotted part if you bear-down a bit hard? Genuine X-acto blades go down toward the handle a lot and keep this from happening. BTW, when did X-acto go away from the all-aluminum design? I was surprised to see the blue-colored part in your pix.
Yes but for cutting balsa, paper and soft materials is quite good... The blue-colored part is because my knife it's a bad clone of real x-acto knife... bye bye
I've had a problem with the plastic insert and blades slipping out, but not with the metal inserts-I'm guessing that the metal insert (collet) can be tightened more or that the plasisizers make it a little greasy.
woah! nice idea! I'll have to go try that!
Thats awesome, I would have never thought of this. Great instructable. (favorited)
nice never thought of this thnx

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