Blades for X-Acto Knife!!





Introduction: Blades for X-Acto Knife!!

Blades foe x-acto knife are too much expensive for me...
i prefer take a simple blade for cutter dissassemble se single little blade and use on x-acto knife!''

Step 1: What You Need!

1 cutter whith 45 or 60 degrees blade

2 x-acto knife

Step 2: Broke the Blade!

Whith the help of two clamp broke the blade.

Step 3: The Blades!!

Now you have the blade and you can put them on your akto knife!!
And now cut somethink!!!!!!!



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    Much better than Revell brand blades, I bought a package of them because the craft store didn't have x-acto brand and found they couldn't even cut through cardboard.

    it's supposed to cut through nothing except your pocket and budget

    Say where could a person get an X-Acto knife... i've heard,seen, and wanted one and i have absolute no clue where to get one. >.>

    from ebay or look in staples or craft knifes

    i was searching through some stuff in my junk drawer and i found a small box with10 exacto blades in it brand new no idea where it came from!

    Neat idea! Out of curiosity - how much do the real blades cost?

    20$ for 100 blades

    I don't know how much cost on usa but here in italy more than 3 euro each one!!! bye thanks!

    About $3 for the regular small blade pack of 5 in X-acto brand, $1.50 for the off brand, but they are thinner and bend more (good for some things, worse for others). Blades for the bigger handle (and most special shapes) run $3-5 for a pack of 2.