A hack with some simple things, has some practical uses, totally open project. Feel free to be creative. Oh and if im retarded and u wanna complain or whatever hit me at d_j_M_R_R@hotmail.com being has it this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Gather Stuff

Materials i used:
Wire stripper
9v battery
poster putty
old 2 pin 80mm 12v dc compy fan
Blank Cd Case of course
Exacto Knife
4 1 1/4 drywall screws or 1 inch should work fine
4 erasers...the cheap little thing kinds
Duct Tape
4 gold snap things, the stuff used in kindergarten to make paper jointed creatures
2 paper clips
2 conductor wire or whatever

And thats pretty much it
what does cooling do to the cd's? does it just keep their quality?
CDs breathe passively, like insects. They need air movement or they can't breathe. This fan will prevent your CDs from suffocating.
 I wish you could 'like' comments. That is just hilariously awesome!
 Would you believe that was my 10th comment, on the day I registered? I'd forgotten about it.
now that i got that out of my system. what about a soldering fume arrestor. get some dryer hose and duct tape or zip ties and run the hose to a vent fan in your house.
Yea i kept poking holes in the top of the case and they would always go bad.
Hay I just saw this. I put my beer in it and it stays cool by evaporation!
Why not just take the lid off the case?
Yeah...I must have been high when I made this...the oh so many months ago that I posted it...I enjoy plants...sometimes...especially the green ones hahaha
Am I high? Its a CD preservation vacuum to prevent CD flesh eating Escherichia Coli population explosion. Good. Now I can Sleep safe! :-)
perfect for sucking air off of the cpu
:-\ im confused! What does this do? just keep blank cds cool 4 some reason??? (my pc room is in a cool basement, how would this benefit me...?)
how many batterys per week would you go through? Too many.
Should be powered otherwise, e.g. USB. I can't see where the air exits the case, or how it ventilates other than the top CD? Does this have a serious purpose?
Umm yeah thats basically it: Add some resistors...keep it from draining maybe prac uses: summer heat issues maybe dk hoorah for my first crappy instructable peace
this could be applied to the side of a computer case that desperately needs a blowhole. the blank cd cylinder part could contain some sort of dust filter for the thing ( i dunno , just thinking of ideas other than keeping blank cd's cool )
I used to make switches like that...
....finally someone has addressed the growing issue of blank cd mistreatment...i had petitioned the aspca for years about this but they woudln't listen.... pretty low quality here...but at least it's not usb powered or made of k-nex
I dont get it..
You can make it into a cheap, small air filter by cutting holes in the sides and covering them with air conditioner filter material found at hardware stores.
Maybe use Dryer Sheets and rubber bands as the filter material ..
why not coat the blades with the cd and have this bling-bling fan :o
Great idea. I can see this being applied to ducting to make a cheap radial extractor fan (they ain't cheap). I'm going to try a variation out when I build a ventilated battery box for my solar powered shed.
so you wanna keep blank cd's cool? I'm confused
Even if you did want to keep the blank CDs cool, your fan would probably burn out from trying to blow air into an enclosed cakebox. I like the swtich though—it's very diy.

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