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The soil here is clay although it isn't as pure as the clay bought in stores it is still of rather good quality. Clay doesn't really break down fast when it was sort of filtered from debris and formed under pressure. The plant that is inside it is Gojii berry seeds but it is within a plastic container with a moist towel on top of seeds and no sunlight . This the germination stage of Gojii berries life cycle and modeled after the old navajo huts.



chicken wire

gojii berry seeds


carving tools

plastic container


moist paper towel

Step 1:

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using scissors poke 4 holes in the plastic container

Step 2:

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get the ole filter in place to remove any debris that could disrupt and lessen the mixture

Step 3:

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take lid off

Step 4:

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put the gojii berry seeds in a moist paper towel put in plastic container and close the lid and shove it in the pot with blue part on top when about 3/4 filling the pot

Step 5:

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Then cover with rest of filtered soil till its about full

Step 6:

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compress the soil with your foot then flip over

Step 7:

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Then slowly and carefully take off the pot

and then carve carefully the base itself is suppose to resemble navajo huts while the top is suppose to resemble a wolf howling at the moon.

Although it be funny to see carving of head or so maybe painting with food coloring or architecture plainly like mos eisely wait till summer ay......

Step 8:

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dig it out after about 2-3 weeks

Step 9:

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open the lid you will notice that is colder than your freezer which is good and as moist

Step 10:

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The gojii berries have germinated and are pristine condition

Step 11:

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plant them!

they will grow up to be a superfood crop!

Im so proud!


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