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Introduction: Laserized Music

Yes the I made up the word "Laserized" but once you see this Instructable you'll be glad to adopt it. I am aware that there is similar Instructables out there but I thought that this is a far less complex version because it is a simple and nearly costless way to make a spectacular effect with your speakers and a laser(s).
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Step 1: Get All the Parts Needed

Any Laser(s) you want
1 Speaker with a port (Hole in the back)
1 Small cup (I used a coffee sample cup- Starbucks has them)
1 Sharp blade (I used an Xacto knife)
1 Rubber Band
1 Scissor
1 Tape
1 Latex glove
1 CD

Step 2: Prepare the CD

Cut the CD to a small square that will fit within the bottom of the cup.

Step 3: Prepare the Cup

Cut the bottom out of the cup.
Place the palm of the Latex glove over the opening you just cut out and secure with the Rubber band.
Pull the Latex glove so that there are no wrinkles and the surface is smooth
Tape the piece of CD to the Latex glove in the center.

Step 4: Tape the Cup the The Speaker

Tape the cup you just prepared over the hole(port) on the back of the speaker.

Step 5: Lazertize Me Capt'N

Nothing else left to do other than put on your favorite music and "Lasertize" your friends! Note: I am using 2 lasers in the video, my 55mw extreme and 5mw core.
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y is the video 'private'..???

Video is private now...?

wow... it works it is really cool. my cat keeps trying to attack the light.. lol! but I am only getting squiggly lines at the biggest size of a half dollar coin any help? (i am using a red laser, if that has anything to do with it...

make the mirror (CD) deflect more

huh another one....................great....................................hei u can u pleaseeeeeeeeee make ur video available for everyone to see it...

whats the last song on the video? sounds a wee bit similar to the cars but truly doubt it. please I'm rack'n my brain here help me out!!!


it's "hungry like the wolf" by duran duran

Wow very interesting effect !!! And it looks very easy to make ! Will it work with just a mirror ?

yes you could use a mirror but the CD gives it the multiple dots effect...

nice ! it works very well for me. How about mirror + diffraction gratings ? A lot more effects !! ( I still don't own Diffraction gratings)