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Introduction: Blanket Fort Construction

Want to build a blanket fort but don't know how? Don't worry, simply follow the illustrated instructions below and you will be rockin' out with hot babes in your members only, VIP blanket fort in no time!

Step 1: The Layout

You will want to start by moving your furniture to accommodate the size of your blanket(s) and picking a floor plan that will hold up agains't intruders. In this example I use a couch as the back wall and a tall lamp as the center piece. You may adjust the layout according to your room of course. Also, if you need to hook blankets together to maximize the coverage simply use clothes pins or safety pins. Duct tape will also work if it is readily available and you have the right type of blankets. Quilts usually work best to deter light and enemies, they are thick and sturdy.

Step 2: Draping the Blanket

After choosing your blanket, drape the blanket over your tallest item or center-piece. Lamps, coat hangers and tall bar stools work best. Broom handles or anything like that will work also if you can get it balanced right. In this scenario I use a tall lamp.

Step 3: Turn the Lamp Off!

If you are using a lamp do not forget to turn it off as it is a fire hazard. Fire and flatulence are the blanket fort's worst enemies. If either are present, your chances of gathering a crowd of ladies will be very slim.

Step 4: Continue Draping the Blanket

Continue draping the blanket over your parimeter. In this example, I tuck the blanket into the back of the couch and make sure it is secure.

Step 5: Keep on Expanding

Tuck the blanket around your other items like the chair and empty keg. Your blanket will not keep getting bigger like this one, sorry. You may need to add blankets at this point with the safety-pins, duct tape or clothes-pins.

Step 6: Finish Securing and Situating the Blanket

Finish weighting the blanket down with other things like textbooks and other things you'll never use like dumbbells. Then situate your front door flap and BAM! You've got a blanket fort! Your blanket fort will be packed with hot women with accents telling ghost stories in no time! You and your many guests will now be protected from the crappiness of grown up life once again...

Step 7: You're All Done!

Girls can fill thier blanket forts with hot men or whoever they want, but their fort won't be near as awesome because boys probably won't be allowed. Make sure to bring flashlights and perhaps survival food like popcorn. Ghost stories are good too just make sure they're not lame.

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    That "hot babe" has no hands. Personally, that just doesnt do it for me. :D

    3 replies

    Her name is actually Michelle "Stumpy Stump" McTwist. she is one of Albanian hottest singing sensations, with her number two hit "I got no hands to tell the time with" remaining a club classic in the Eastern Bloc countries.  She regularly frequenst nightclub in Albania as a guest dj, she can't scratch but she can use her stumps as a sort of modified coat hangers for the three people that come to watch her. She can also be seen doing the rounds at Ablanian largest (and only) shopping mall, where she sings her well known anthem to at least  six people and a flock of goats every other tuesday.

    lol i know right? this is amature hour. lol jk.

    If you turn the lamp on the whole thing will go up in flames!!!!

    Most definitely appreciate the aqua teen hunger force poster in the background.

    i made one by making a little cube of giant tinker toys and chairs on the front and back of it and a couch and wall on the right and left sides, i made some VIP passes and gave them to the cats to wear around there necks...heheh...awesome.

    i made one of theses that took up my whole beroom once, me and my litter brother made it, well more like i made it because he has no building skills whatso ever, all my brother did was get stuff when i told him to, our fort had like 4 rooms

    1 reply

    I used to do the same, one time it was a crawling maze to get to the real for fort.

    ok dude how old are you an ur making forts isnt that kinda weird

    1 reply

    One, you make forts too so shush Two, He is the adult now, therefore he can do as he pleases FYI, make a good ible before you criticize others

    I made one that took up my whole basement,my basement is the playroom. It just went on and on probably because we used bedsheats they work the best and are amazingly big.

    my new nerf battle fort to fall back on

    Sometime this week I am going to put on my blanket making socks, walk down the hall, and we will make this happen...