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This is a step by step instruction of how to make an blanket of own Mario ♥
Made of Laura Muñoz from Spain ^ 3^

The blanket is made of square crochet, exactly for 238 squares in 15 hours

You need:

- wool yarn

                      - Blue
                      - Red
                      - Brown
                      - Yellow
                      - Black
                      - Skin color

- Crochet hook size 2 mm or 3 mm depend of wool
- A needle for join squares
-Paint for the drawing - 8bit
- With much love and affection

Step 1: Square

For the squares is very easy

1- First, make a chain of 4.

2- Then, make a double crochet/treble in the chain stitch furthest from the hook.

3- Make another double crochet/treble in the same chain stitch. Now you have the first side completed.

4- Chain 2.

5- Make 3 double crochet/treble in the same chain stitch. Chain 2 again, make another 3 double crochet/trebles in the chain stitch and finally chain 2.

6- Join with slip stitch/single crochet in the top of the original chain and then slip stitch/single crochet your way through the top of the double crochet/treble stitches - as indicated by the arrows. Make sure you go through both of the 'legs' of the V of the stitch.

7- Now you get to the chain space. If you are continuing with the same colour, as I am here, just make a slip stitch/single crochet around the chain and then chain 3.

8- However, if you are changing colour, make the slip stitch/single crochet into the first chain stitch, then make a slip stitch/single crochet around the chain and then chain 3. This should ensure that your second colour is fastened properly

9- You should now have someting that looks like this

10- Make 2 double crochet/treble in the chain space, then chain 2. Make another 3 double crochet/treble in the same chain space. That is the first corner completed. For the following corners, make 3 double crochet/treble, chain 2, 3 double crochet/treble in each chain space.

11- You should now have something like this. Slip stitch/single crochet into the top of chain 3 you did at the beginning of the round. Then, like you did in the last round, slip stitch/single crochet through the top (arrow) of the double crochets/trebles to get you to the first chain space.

12- Repeat the first corner of the previous round, then make 3 double crochet/trebles in the next space and continue like this until you get to the end of the round. Every other round will be like this one, but with an increasing number of space between the corners. You should not make chain stitches anywhere else but in the corners

Step 2: Join Squares

Now, I joined all the squares (238)  according to drawing that I done in paint.
You can apply this squares in differents colours and you can do others drawings or combinations.

I used (squares):

36 red
29 brown
2 yellow
32 blue
42 skin colour
103 black

And the blanket size is:  83 cm (horizontal) X 112 cm (vertical). Each square : 5,5 cm X 5,5 cm

Step 3: Finish

The blanket is reversible and the cat love it !



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    I don't really understand the squares...

    First of all, Do you know how to crochet and knit? .....

    Crochet no
    Knit kind of...
    I'm relearning...
    Butr the squares par is confusing...
    It's ok let it be
    I'll ask someone in my family

    My little brother loves mario.he would die for this.Thanks!

    My grandson, who is six years old loves Mario and found this site for me and asked if I would make this blanket for him. So i will try my best and let you know how it turns out.

    Yes, I hope that you try it and the result will be fantastic, You will see , it's very easy!

    Lucky! ♥

    Great Instructable. This has given my wife a TON of Great ideas. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Hi! This is fantastic. We're having a contest over on Easy Crafts and I would love it if you would add this there:!

    In contest? But I dont from to US, I can't. --> "Open to US residents age 18 years or older."

    sorry >o<

    Oh! That's too bad. Can I post your project on this site and link to it here on Intsructables?