Bleach Design Tees With Freezer Paper





Introduction: Bleach Design Tees With Freezer Paper

How to make an awesome shirt with some bleach and freezer paper.

Step 1: Materials

stuff you'll need:
~shirt--thrift stores and good will are great for this
~freezer paper
~spray bottle
~scissors or an x-acto knife, something to cut the paper(forgot to snap a photo)

~printed stencil pattern

Step 2: Iron It On

Cut out the design from the freezer paper and iron it on. Placement is up to you. I personally like things high on the chest, but this one is on the bottom right side of the shirt.

Step 3: Bleach Time

Lay the shirt out somewhere, patio, grass, bathtub, someplace where the bleach won't damage anything around the shirt.

Spray a 2/3 water, 1/3 bleach solution onto the shirt. The further away the mistier it will look. I did mine about 2, 3 ft away from the shirt.

Let it sit for a few minutes. The color will change as you watch it(which I don't have a picture of).

Step 4: Washy Washy

Since we're already in the tub, turn on the cold water and pour a little detergent on. Make sure you wash and rinse it good, but don't be too rough with it.

Hang it up to dry.

Step 5: Ooh and Aah

Once it's dry time to be amazed. Wear it around town, astound your friends and loved ones. Impress strangers on the street when they ask where you got that awesome shirt.

The freezer paper stencils make a very crisp line, and the wax doesn't have any effect on the fabric.



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Thanks. This method has the cool feel I can appreciate. Not exactly a print, but still makes its own statement. I am DEFinitely doing this. Your thylacine is majestic, by the way.

Cool. I've been cutting out my stencils from cardstock but complicated ones with thin parts like to curl. I'll try next time with freezer paper. are the stencils reusable or a one time only deal?

Quilters and sewers use freezer paper a lot. This is a great use of it. I loved the big spots. I immediately thought of a constellation when I saw the shirt with the big spots. I like him floating in a star field. I'd make him your front first / display photo. The raven shirt comes out solid black on my monitors. I'd also zoom in on him. Do a crop of just him in the star field. He really looks great.


Hmm, Tasmanian tiger?

That's what it is! Thank you, I was trying to remember. I knew I'd seen it before (that's why I kept saying "him").

 Technically a Thylacine. It is a very recognizable stencil though, I'm impressed!

Oh, I was just taking a guess. I didn't think it was likely , due to the geographical region. Exinct mammal in a star field. Almost symbolic.

yeah, tazzy tigers are my favorite animal.