Picture of Bleach Resist T-Shirt Project
Its mid-summer, too hot to do anything outside, kids are going nuts and have had it with plain old arts and crafts. What are you going to do? Its time to be reinspired.
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Step 1: Materials

* Bleach Pen

* Solid colored t-shirts

* Cardboard, plexi glass, or chip board. A strong surface for working on that won't allow the bleach to bleed through the fabric to the other side.

* Chalkboard chalk

Step 2: Sketch Time!

Picture of Sketch Time!
Insert your divider into the t-shirt. Make sure its a sturdy surface as the kids will be drawing on it. It has to be impermeable as well so the bleach won't soak through.

Take your piece of chalk. If you only have one break it in half. Sharing doesn't come naturally to kids, so make sure there's enough chalk for everyone! All they have to do is sketch their design onto the shirt with their chalk. Its not as easy as it looks to draw on fabric, so reassure them that mistakes are ok, the chalk will brush off and you'll only put the bleach where its supposed to go.

Kids art is never what you envision. My son, who is four, told me he was going to draw a dragon on his shirt. He made line after line, paused to study his work, then looked at me and said, "its a machine!" OOOOooookkkaaayy! Gotta love it.

I love this idea! I've been thinking about doing some bleached t-shirt designs. but many of them involved having or making a stencil of some sort which may be troublesome. I'm gonna try this out! Thank you so much! Cheers!
woowho (author)  westlifelover923 years ago
glad i could help out! enjoy! :-)