Bleach Shirts





Introduction: Bleach Shirts

Step 1: Spray Bottle

Easiest thing to do is empty a bottle of perfume you don't want or buy one at the dollar tree.

Step 2: Poor the Bleach

Pour the bleach into the bottle and replace the lid

Step 3: Word

Place the letters (cutouts or magnates) on the shirt how you want them

Step 4: Spray

Spray the bleach into the shirt only around the words

Step 5: Dry

Let it dry off for about 5mins

Step 6: Rinse

Rinse it off to insure no bleach spots in the wrong spot

Step 7: Wash

Wash normally and dry

Step 8: Done

Look awesome

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hi, great idea i did it once and then i paint some other stuff with permanent markers and it worked well and it also looks fine. (i did it long ago so i don't have a pic btw)

i haven't tried but i think it would be a great idea to lock the area with hot candle wax

Love this for favors for my son's BDay party (already made before kids arrive). Another idea: There are Tons of nice (and Brand Name) t-shirts/sweat shirts at your local 2nd hand clothing stores for $2-$5 each! Add your tween or teen's favorite text phrase LOL, YOLO, #ClassOf2013

I think a couple of important steps were left out. First, put protection between the two layers of the T-shirt. Cardboard is great but anything that will keep the bleach from staining the back of your shirt will do. Otherwise you will get what is probably a very unsightly stain pattern on the back of the shirt.
Two, have a spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide on hand as well. After a few seconds or whenever you feel the bleaching process is a much as you want, spray the peroxide on the bleached areas. This will stop the bleach and then you have much more control over your finished product.
I have used this method to make designs and it is a lot of fun. Also the color of the finished shirt will vary depending on the original color of the T-shirt. Have fun!

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Is it safe to mix peroxide and bleach? o_o That sounds super unsafe to me, but if it is then I will use it the next time I try this craft.

i want to try this at my party cause i looks really easy :)

Thanks to all you guys for voting for me!

@realife11 it would work as long as the bleach can't seep through the letters!

A good tip:
I've read that if you add some vinegar to the rinse after you're done bleaching something, then it's suppose to neutralize the bleach and rinses it out much more effectively (so it doesn't eat away the cotton, haha). I've tried it and it seems to work well, but still leaves some of that nice clean 'bleachy' smell.

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Also....what about using premade 'sticky' letter cutouts (at any craft store), to adhere cleanly to the material? Although, I really like the magnets idea :-)

@Enjoying Electronics I like it! Lol but hey now you can have fun trying It again

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too flat brown small.jpg

What a cool way to easily print on a t-shirt! I made a stencil out of card stock and tried this out. Thank you for sharing this great idea!

Well it's definitely not as good as yours! The wind blew the I off; I'll just have to use a black marker. Also my spray bottle was too big!! Gave ya a vote.


Great instructible!I have a friend and I'm going to put on the shirt for her grandchild "I just did nine months in this joint!"Did'nt know how to do it till now Ha Ha.Too sweet!Huggs.Kitty

@ebanken yes! I love imagine dragons!!:)

@gotsparkles I'm sorry I forgot I would leave the bleach for 3-5 mins you can tell if it's ready by looking at the coloration it should be lighter where you sprayed it when it is ready not all the way white but just a lighter shade.

@poor leno haha that's too funny

@clintonmc thanks! And good luck!

@snorlaxjen I used fabric / laundry bleach I suppose othe bleach would work but I would suggest using fabric bleach because the others may be to strong and put a hole in your shirt