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A bleach spot doesn't necessarily mean ruined laundry. Instead, it might just be the starting point for a project. This guide will show you how to combine bleach and Inkodye in the same project to make fantastic DIY pillows.

Step 1: Gather

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For this project, you will need will need Inkodye, Inkowash(can be substituted with regular fabric detergent, but be sure to wash twice!), laundry bleach, fabric for printing, a large format negative, two brushes or rollers, and two bowls. If you’re unsure how to make your own large negative, we have just the guide for you.
zimhoof6 months ago

and is this the same process as cyanotype??

zimhoof6 months ago

can you print the negative onto acetate or OHP?

Preval1 year ago

This is incredible! Can't wait to try it.

Does anyone know where I can get this image?
Lumi (author)  Sergeant Sarcasm1 year ago
This is a public domain image from the Library of Congress. You can find it by looking up "bathing beauties" http://www.loc.gov/pictures/related/?fi=subject&q=Bathing%20beauties.
canida1 year ago
That looks fabulous! Love the color and the bleach/print style.