Introduction: Bleed Knot Leather Keychain

Watch the how-to video and print instructions here.

Project Summary: Looking for scrap leather projects? Use leather remnants and a few basic leathercraft tools to create a beautiful handmade leather keychain.

What You’ll Need:

· Assorted Leather Remnant Bag (75-4916)

· Poly Cutting Board (65-2916)

· Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife (65-2860)

· Brass Plated Key Ring, 1" (06800-BP-1)

Step 1: Cut Leather to ¾" by 8" or 10"

Place your Cutting Board on your workbench. Using your Knife, cut a piece of Leather at ¾" by 8" or 10" (whatever is possible from the remnant length) and cut a taper on both ends.

Step 2: Add Key Ring

Slide a Key Ring on, and hold this in the center of the strap.

Step 3: Cut a Slit in Leather

Picture of Cut a Slit in Leather

With the strap unfolded, and the Key Ring in the middle of the strap, cut a slit lengthwise in the front strap roughly ½" down from the Key Ring and about ¾" long.

Step 4: Push Back Strap Through Slit

Picture of Push Back Strap Through Slit

Take the back strap and bring the tapered tip through the front strap and pull tight. Now this strap becomes the front strap.

Step 5: Cut Another Slit

Picture of Cut Another Slit

Cut a slit lengthwise on the front strap roughly ¾" below the last cut and roughly ¾" long.

Step 6: Pull Back Strap Through Slit

Picture of Pull Back Strap Through Slit

Pull the back strap through the slit and tighten. This strap now becomes the front strap. Note: Pulling the back through the front twice is good, but feel free to add as many “pull-throughs” as you wish.

Congratulations! Your leather keychain is complete!


mrsmerwin (author)2017-10-18

So simple but so elegant at the same time. Nice job.

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