After watching a lot of Deadliest Warrior episodes and getting bored with shooting paper targets with my pellet guns, I decided to make a target with a little more reaction. This is a "bleeding" target that will spill fake blood once shot. This ballistic gel is perfect to test experimental homemade weapons or covert gadgets. Even with a low budget, this is very inexpensive to make.
Enjoy :)

Step 1: Supplies

These are the basic supplies that you will need:
1. Unflavored powdered gelatin (I used a Kroger brand but many use the Knox brand)
2. Sandwich bags (the ones that don't have a zipper)
3. Maple syrup or Corn syrup
4. Red Food coloring
5. A Container that will allow the blood bag to be covered fully
6. String
7. Cooking spray
The other supplies will be added along
Neato. I am trying to make a ballistics gel using flour, water, and a microwave. So far it is not working so well but it is the best I can do at the moment.
I used a red jello cup and melted it then let it become jelly like again with my blood bag I. it. its a much faster way.
Ummm... I don't see any Gelatin in that... Flour and water being heated will come out like a dense cookie... <br><br>Are you meaning to add flour and water to the Gelatin?
hmmm ive never heard of using those but hey keep on trying.... I have made some shatter blast disc out of that that are pretty cool
That's cool I am making one today
i too have spent too many lone nites whaching deadliest warrior <br>________Great design i snipe these of of posts with my AK_____ forskin color add syrup whether it be chocolate or caramel
Hehe, foreskin.<br> <br> ...sorry<br>
*For skin
instead of the zip lock bags, you can use condoms. Many people use them. in special affects and training. great instructable.
Lol many people use them
That is cool- a reacting target. now all you need to do is shape it like a rabbit spray-paint it and ka-boom! good 'ible, nice work
I'm not sure, so this is just a guess, but I think adding more gelatin would make the target denser and give it a more flesh-like consistency... so it would act more like actual ballistics gel. I just noticed that your hollow-point was barely mushroomed, instead of the typical flattened/as-ploded.

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