Bleeding Gum Rolls





Introduction: Bleeding Gum Rolls

It is Halloween time!

Making food look scary and horrifying is absolutely fun. Here is a Bleeding Gum replica of Good Food.

This is an absolutely delicious appetizer. The tomato-chicken gravy creates the bleeding effect.

I have got the gums and teeth from cucumber slice.

Hope you like this Halloween idea.

If you like it please vote for me in the contests it is in.

Thank you. :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Preparation Time - 15 minutes

Cooking Time - 10 minutes

Chicken (Shredded) - 1/2 Cup

Pepper - 1 Tsp

Salt - As required

Oregano (Dried) - 1 Tsp

Tomato - 2

Garlic - 1/2 Tsp

Cucumber - 1

Olive Oil

Step 2: Cook the Chicken

Pressure cooker Method:

Place the cleaned and washed chicken in the Pressure Cooker. Pressure cook it till the chicken is tender and done.When you get the smell of the stock or by 10-15 minutes the chicken will be done. Take it out of the pressure cooker after the pressure has released.

You can use any method to cook the chicken and shred it. The main aim is to get shredded chicken.

Step 3: Shred and Mince

Separate the chicken from the bones. Shred the chicken. In an mixer mince it to a coarse texture.

In a pan heat some oil. Roast the shredded chicken till it turns light brown.

Step 4: Tomato Puree

Blanch the tomato and remove the skin. In a blender/Mixer puree the tomato.

Step 5: Chicken Tomato Gravy

In a pan heat the olive oil and add crushed garlic. Saute it.

Now add tomato puree. Saute till tomato gets cooked and the water content gets reduced.

It should be almost dry. It will take 5 minutes. Add pepper, salt and dry oregano.

Add the roasted chicken mince. Saute for 2 minutes.

Step 6: Cucumber Slice

Slice the cucumber in the middle lengthwise.

With help of knife slice a small portion so that the seed are in the middle.

Do as in the photo. The slice should be very thin or rolling would be difficult.

Place the slices on tissue or absorbent to remove excess water.

Step 7: Roll

Add the tomato chicken mix in the middle throughout the length of cucumber slice.

Roll it.

Now the tomato gravy behind the seed portion of cucumber will look like blood.

The seed looks like the teeth. The seeds of cucumber give a good haunted and halloween effect.

A Bleeding Gum Halloween Appetizer.

Hope you enjoyed it!



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    Very creative idea! I already voted for another recipe, so not sure if I can vote again, but I will if I can. Thanks for sharing. :)

    I guess you can vote as many as you like :D I do that. If you feel like do vote for me :) Thank you!

    I discovered that right after I commented. :D I am still finding my way around and figuring stuff out.

    I already love it too much. I could spend 24 hrs/day here, 7 days a week. Easily. It's tailor made for the curious adhd mind. I only just signed up, but I've been here many times before.

    That is nice to know :) I love this site too.

    Clever! I have never heard of this recipe! That gets major thumbs up from me! ;)

    Thank you so much :) Happy to know that.