in this instructable i will show the basics of modeling, a few tips on importing and exporting wavefront objects and several other skills within the program.

Step 1: Get Blender 3D...

Blender is a free peice of software wich lets users create scenes, animations, games, characters and models, that sort of thing...
(Picture 1) To get blender, go to blender.org, you will see this homepage:
Once you are on the homepage you will see the download link as shown by the image note:
(picture 2) Now just click the link to the correct platform and download type, archive or installer, i would recommend the installer.
(picture 3) Now all you have to do is wait until it downloads, you may have to unblock it with the yellow bar at the top of the screen.

update 1: i have uploaded some new pictures of my newly textured zombie for my zombie game.
<p>What im trying to figure out is how to create an animation on blender...where can i find help?</p>
Have you tried character modeling? it is actually quite fun! Expect an I'ble when i am through.
<p>please email me the instructables of character modeling on mickey66.mk@gmail.com i would really love to learn</p>
<p>Man, I haven't done character modeling in a while... Perhaps I could write something up for you though. It may take a while, as I am a bit rusty.</p>
It would be really nice if you could make another Blender3D tutorial with the 2.5 version...
since i got my new laptop with windows 7 i have modeled a new ak47 and a new magnum, the ak needs retexturing as the texture i havve used looks unrealistic (aka crap) and im going to try find a decent texture to use :P
I completely agree, I cannot understand were ANYTHING is :()<br /> <br /> Also, the blender logo in the instructable is completely weird!<br /> Its got like all these weird intersecting lines!<br /> <br /> But maybe I concentrate on getting my models perfectly symmetrical and in line with perfect textures... Its why i never get anything done XD<br />
Get Alpha 2<br /> http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-250/<br /> <br /> Oh and you don't need to install Python or C++. Never installed either and the program just works. Python is built into the program.
&nbsp;&nbsp;yay i found the game logic and texturing<br /> <br />
OK... this is the only blender distro that I don't know how to use :S its completely different... i mean wheres the game logic and texturing tab :S help plz<br /> <br />
&nbsp;im just downloading alpha 2, i just hope its not too different to 2.49 i ran into a problem with 2.49, it wouldn't let me import or export any models, it didn't show any in the import/ export windows :S
on some systems a window pops up to tell you to install c++ and python 2.6, this is to make sure that it is working properly and installing a secondry version of python would most likely just upgrade it.
&nbsp;i fixed the sight and it is now properly textured. i only wish i could create my own textures :S
lol 108 views in like 18 hours :P<br />
until they get rid of that 747 cockpit interface i'll stick with max and metaseq ;)<br />

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