Step 5: Getting started with blender

We have the basic files we can start using blender.
(pic 1) First swich to edit mode by the means of this box or by pressing the TAB button (above caps lock)
(pic 2) To scale, press S
(pic 3) To select verticies right click
(pic 4) To rotate press r
(pic 5) To extrude press e
(pic 6&7) To deselect or select all press a
(pic 8) To delete press x
(pic 9) To rotate your view hold down your scrol wheel on your mouse and move your mouse
(pic 10) To soom in scroll with the wheel
i know, it may seem daunting at first and its alot to take in but when you get used to it it is pretty simple.

SamStacy169 months ago

What im trying to figure out is how to create an animation on blender...where can i find help?