In this Instructable I will show you how I make pancakes for my family. I am notoriously lazy so using this method I can clean up in under 5 minutes and get on with my day.

Step 1: Get Your Pancake Stuff Ready!

Here is what you need,
1. Blender
2. A hot surface to cook on, in this case I am using a griddle on my grill.
3. Spatula
4. Your favorite pancake recipe and the ingredients.
I chose not to tell you how to make pancakes in this as there are lots of lovely Instructables already here with lots of great recipes, use the one you like.
I make pancakes all the time! This will save me so much time and mess. Yahoo! PS that griddle is exactly like our old camping griddle when I was growing up.
Glad you like the idea, this is our old camping griddle, I just really like using it to cook outside. Thanks
Wow, great idea for quick pancakes! Thanks!
Your welcome, enjoy!
That's awesome! Both using the blender and cooking pancakes on the grill. You've clearly got a happy pancake-eater. ;)
Yeah she is a pro! Thanks
Great idea! I think the blender is an underutilized kitchen tool. It's also fairly easy to clean if you just blend some soapy water in it as soon as you are done using it.
My wife cleans the blender this way it works great!
Spelling error on line 6 of step 2. flower should be flour
Fixed it thanks!
Also it would be very helpful (especially for novice cooks) if you would put approximate measurements. I think part of your point is that the amounts don't have to be exact, but still I think you should include some approximate amounts.
Thanks for the input, as far as sharing a recipe I do not use measure when I cook pancakes, there are lots of recipes here that will give you the details you want. I know for sure that I used two eggs, beyond that I probably couldn't even guess the measurements.
What a great idea, I'm surprised nobody has popularized this idea before!
I thought for sure someone else would have done this too, but I guess it takes a special kind of lazy. Thanks
I guess it's one of those things you just need to make the connection for. It's cemented into our minds that blenders are for chopping, not stirring, and that's hard to get around.

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