Blender Fighter :introductions to What Blender Can Do


Introduction: Blender Fighter :introductions to What Blender Can Do

I'll start out by saying this, I won't be teaching you on how to make the fighter you see here, but ill provide the basics you will need to look at it and review it.

Step 1: What You Need to Download

In order to create anything similar to this you will need a program called blender, i have included the program here.

Download and install the version that suits your machine.

Step 2: What Can Teach You

The tutorial program i would recommend is this, the first section of it will teach you the basics to blender.

I believe its one of the better ones out there so take your time with the courses.

Step 3: Learn and Then Have Fun

Once you have finished blender basics This will take about 40 minutes

have fun !

I'll leave the Fighter here for you to play around with.



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