Join Amy as she makes Hollandaise Sauce with an immersion blender. This
method for making Hollandaise sauce is very easy and can be made either in a regular blender or an immersion blender. It is great in a Vitamix. It starts with hot butter, egg yolks, and lemon that is seasoned with a little cayenne pepper. This Hollandaise sauce is great over Eggs Benedict, asparagus, or cauliflower. These sauce is quick and easy. One year ago, I made a commitment to stop eating processed convenience foods. I decided to learn to cook "real" food. Join me! Let's learn to cook together! Enjoy! Please share!

Blender Hollandaise: https://youtu.be/8KRRSp-k5Aw

How to Make Eggs Benedict: https://youtu.be/TYjtCFf_f6o

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<p>even easier - Makes enough for 1:</p><p><strong>1 table spoon of creme fraiche</strong></p><p><strong>4 tea spoons of white wine vinegar (adjust to your own taste a little more or less)</strong></p><p><strong>1 egg yolk</strong></p><p>Put all in a pan stir and heat keep stirring until a smooth sauce is formed - try not to boil or the creme fraiche may split, if it does then blend with your blender to restore.</p><p>This can be made ahead of time and heated up to use when required.</p>

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