Step 13: The Blender Lamp

Picture of The Blender Lamp
Pretty cool. Instead of throwing your blender in the garbage, you've recycled it into fun, attractive lighting! I have this on my desk at work and get lots of oohs and ahhs.
frdmrckr4 years ago
Ive done this with a toaster and a coffee maker now. ha ha. press the toaster lever down and the light turns on, the heat setting is a dimmer. its fun stuff
tadhg27 years ago
this is sweeet !!! i love the idea !!!! what would be really cool is if you had the buttons on the front of the blender turned the light on and off !!! ... i'll have to incorporate that into the design when i do it !
defpotec (author)  tadhg27 years ago
I actually made another one and did incorporate the controls on the front to turn the light on and off. It's cool, because you can "pulse" the blender and make the light "pulse" or one of the other buttons turns the light on and off repeatedly over and over. I guess for when you want to blend for a second and have the motor stop and then blend for a second and stop over and over. Kind of cool!
tadhg2 defpotec7 years ago
sweet, i never thought of having the different buttons do stuff like that. i really want to do this.. now all i need is an old blender,
tadhg2 tadhg26 years ago
now thats a good idea !!!!!
NSB tadhg27 years ago
Or, you could make it so each button made it light up a different color.
bovine7 years ago
Wicked cool, can't wait to "liberate" on of these beauties from someone's trash and try this myself. Although I think I'll run the power through one of the switches on the base instead of using the inline switch. great tute
tadhg2 bovine7 years ago
hahaha i just posted a comment saying exactly the same thing !, hey great minds think alike !
Friedo7 years ago
Sweet idea. Props!