I like salsa, my Hubby doesn’t.  I eat a lot of salsa, my Hubby doesn’t.  So here is the salsa that I make for my salsa and chip snacks.  Be warned, it is only a little, tiny bit spicy.

Step 1:

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A blender
A can opener
A chef’s knife
2- 14.5 oz. cans of tomatoes ($.85 each)
1- 4 oz. can of diced jalapenos ($.50 each)
1 clove garlic smashed (+/- $.25)
¾ cup chopped onion (+/- $.41)
½ tsp. cumin
1 tsp. salt (not shown)
Fresh cilantro (+/- $.49 a bunch)
1 lime (to juice) (+/- $.30 each)

Step 2:

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Into to the blender layer:  The tomatoes from the 2 cans,

Step 3:

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the diced jalapenos,

Step 4:

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the onion and garlic,

Step 5:

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the cumin, and the salt.

Step 6:

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Add the juice of the lime.  I put the lime in the microwave for 30 sec.  Pulled it out of the microwave and rolled it on the counter to help release all the juice.  I cut it in half and squeezed as much juice as I could, out of each half.

Step 7:

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For the cilantro, put in as much or as little to your taste.  I put in a very small amount.

Step 8:

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Put a lid on the blender. 

Step 9:

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Turn it on medium for a minute or two.  Turn it off, remove the lid and taste.  Adjust the seasonings as needed.

Step 10:

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This will make over a quart of salsa.  Wonderful stuff!  Enjoy!
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hmorgan31 year ago
You could make one of your cans of tomatoes Rotel and save messing with the jalapeno for spice too :)