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Introduction: Blender - Text

Hello guys, in this instructable I'm going to teach you how to make text in blender. Lets get started!!

To created text all you have to do is press SHIFT + A and select the text option.

In your 3d view you should see the word text on the GRID.

you can ROTATE, GRAB and SCALE the text like any other mesh object, but once you go into Editmode with the text selected you will not see any vertices, faces or edges. This is because it is not a mesh object.

You can adjust the text ( extrude, bevel, offset,etc. ) you have to go to the symbols panel, press the F symbol, Go to GEOMETRY and adjust it according to your needs.

You can also add materials and change the color of your text like your mesh objects.

NOTE: If you don't know the basics of blender please visit my "Blender Basics" instructable where I tell you how to do it.



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