Picture of Blender game engine
 you might didn't notice that there is one in blender.
so, take a look and go try it your self!
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Step 1: Getting strated

Picture of Getting strated
 delete th Cube, Make a "plane"

Step 2: The player

Picture of The player
 how to make the movement and the player.

Step 3: And a bit of creative work

Picture of And a bit of creative work
make the borders, and other objects if you want to do that.

Step 4: Make it start!

Picture of make it start!
 now, you are finished. Press "p" to start the game,
___           _____         ______________
|       |         |         |         |                                |
|       |____|         |         |           _________|
|                           |         |          |____
|        ____          |         |                    |
|       |         |         |         |           ____|
|       |         |         |         |          | 
|___|         |____| ave |____| un doing this!
smeagle5 years ago
You might want to give some more information like what sensors and acutors are. I use Blender game engine all the time, and there is MUCH more to it than this. You might want to include about python scripting?

also, its called a softbody, not a soft skin ball.

Good luck, make this a great instructable! :)
lemone30005 years ago
can u plz give more detail, i relli want to learn bleander