Picture of Blender lamp
I found this beauty in a thrift store. According to the owner it was still in working condition and some of the extra parts came with it (more on the "working condition" later). Nevertheless I decided that it had to be transferred into a dimmable kitchen table lamp.
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Step 1: Disassembling and cleaning

Pretty easy: take everything apart, keep the housing, keep ALL the screws, keep the switches and throw away the leftovers. Then give everything a good rinse and rub to get rid of several coatings of kitchen dirt.

Step 2: Wiring

Fix the light socket with a fine thread tube to the housing and pull the wires trough.
Important: from here on do the wiring first and then put all the switches in place (and let enough slack)
The blender had a "push-and-hold" button, witch I replaced by an on-off switch of the same size (I could even use the old switch cover).
I disassembled a wall mounted dimmer switch and used it for this lamp. It fitted perfectly, I could even fix it on the original screw holes.
As cable I used an extension cord and cut of the female plug.
When all the wiring is done reassemble without the baseplate.
Lol! Neat!
This is a really clever/silly idea! Great work.