Introduction: Blender-wacker, a Gas Powered Blender With Electric Start.

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I had a Ryobi motor and a Dewalt electric drill that needed a project.

Step 1:

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Gather the parts.

Step 2: A Better Angle

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It needs a frame of some sort and this is what I had as shop junk. I also wanted to make it simple looking and mechanical so you could easily see how it works.

I bent the steel around a yellow guard post outside the shop then welded the ends together.

Mocked everything up to get a good idea of looks, and placement, then started building brackets. The drill motor bracket gave me trouble so I ended up rebuilding it a few times. I'll get better pics of the final version soon. The motor plate is just a simple sheetmetal plate with holes drilled to match the original screw holes for the weedeater mounting.

The black handle on the right will now serve as a battery box and one of 4 legs.

Step 3:

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Pull the battery pack apart.

Step 4: Mount

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Add a motor mount.

Step 5: Another Mock Up

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I think this gives you a good idea of what is going on. The drill motor turns the sprocket that pulls the chain that spins the motor to crank it. The one way gear action on the BMX bike allows the motor to turn without pulling the drill motor with it after it cranks.

The chain attaches to the motor shaft before the clutch. The original weedeater clutch engages when the motor reaches a certain RPM and allows it to sit at idle without spinning the blender blades. It also has a female square input shaft that almost matches the blender's input.

The expanded steel messes with picture taking a bit so it's hard to get a good visual.

Step 6: Starter

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I needed to somehow attach the chain to the motor's output shaft but also allow it to freewheel after it cranks up.

Step 7: Lots of JB Weld

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I used JB weld to attach the original rope crank pulley to the now gutted bike's one way gear.

Step 8: Starter

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Next I welded the bike sprocket to the drill motor's output shaft. I turned the original keyless chuck down until it snugly fit, then tack welded it in a few places.

I guess I should add that I removed the slip function or clutch part of the drill. Mostly to reduce the size. It had springs that press on ball bearings and allowed the outer sun gear to spin if the drill torque exceeded an adjustable set point. I just removed the bearings and threaded a well fitting machine screw in each hole where the spring went to stop the sun gear from being able to slip.

Step 9: Overview of the Innards

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And... so the chain will only turn in the correct direction to crank the motor. When the motor starts, the chain freewheels.

Step 10: Legs

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Weld some legs on and a bracket to mount the Drill motor. I threaded some tubing and Welded it to a clamp I bent out of sheetmetal. The oval slots in the expanded steel allow for chain adjustment.

Step 11: Fuel Tank

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The angled leg will also be the fuel tank.
I ordered a weld on bung for Harley style oil tanks for a screw on fuel filler. I'll weld it on the short post, the long one will house the batteries. The original handle with throttle will bolt on it as well.

It's still in process but I did get it to crank on starter fluid.. I've also received the bung and welded it on. (see added pic) I had to add a little support to the motor plate because it bounced around too much. The sheetmetal I used for a motor plate was a little to thin and it flexed at idle causing the entire get up to walk around. After adding an angle bracket for support it's quite stable. I'll pick up some rubber feet for chair legs the next time at lowe's.

Next step is to solder on two nipples for the fuel supply and return, then rig up a base of some sort for the bottom of the blender to rest in.

I didn't get pics of the process but I pulled the blender motor apart and pressed the motor shaft off the armature. I cut the motor shaft down to fit the old weedeater's clutch output.


ehmbee (author)2008-12-21

Nice-I'm to try to adapt the freewheeling starter method to my lawn mower, as I'm tired of pull-starting that old sh*theap. If it works, I'll 'ible it. Yes I know there's a drill starter kit for it but it costs as much as a decent mower around here. M

stubman (author)ehmbee2008-12-22

The drill motor will just barely pull the small weedeater motor fast enough to crank it in the lowest gear. In high it doesn't have enough torque even though I'm using 12 volts on a 9 volt drill. Is it a Briggs motor? If so you may want to pick up an actual starter motor then rig something. (or even just get a starter style flywheel for it) The bike freewheel thing works great by the way. I think it would be plenty strong enough. Only thing is, if that chain breaks... well just imagine the destruction of it whipping around something soft like your leg at around 200MPH. Not to mention the shrapnel!

ehmbee (author)stubman2008-12-22

Well I know they make the kits for two types of Briggs engine only. You are most likely using a pretty beefy drill when you do that. I was thinking more of something on the lines of a large DC motor I have. It may even freewheel once the gas motor gets turning, negating the need for the whole elaborate setup. I know I could get a starter, but again they are for specific engines and not always made for what you have. And what fun would that be anyway?. Busted knuckles make a soul happy.....M

lukeyj15 (author)ehmbee2009-01-02

What about a small starter motor off a car from the junk yard?

Newblit (author)lukeyj152009-01-02

Luke that would be a great motor if you wanted a blender the size of one of those large water jugs lol. BTW there is no such thing as a small car motor lol. Car motors are a couple hundred pounds at the least. This would have to be used in my opinion for the worlds largest blender because again you are using a motor that's used to propel a two ton car 60 miles per hour easily lol.

PCfreak (author)Newblit2009-04-17

or a idea of that nature was allready thought of On A Show Called BIG!
it aired on the Discovery Channel the series ended in 2004 Here's there link to it!/Blender/episode/337501/summary.html (No Picures tho)

lukeyj15 (author)Newblit2009-01-03

You only use the motor to turn the weed wacker engine over

Newblit (author)lukeyj152009-01-10

O ok sorry about that that makes since now my bad lol.

stubman (author)lukeyj152009-01-02

Sure that would do it. One small thing is that a cars starter uses a bendix gear that moves into position to engage a flywheel. No big deal really but you have to find a flywheel that is balanced and has the correct tooth pattern to mate with the starter. I already had the drill as shop junk, and the flywheel,bendix design was more difficult to DIY out of junk.

ehmbee (author)ehmbee2009-01-02

The only issue with the starter is that is also DC-not a major deal, the larger motor I have is an old Maytag washer motor, it's DC but wired to work off AC-I was looking to do something like I mentioned before, or a setup like most electric start snowblowers have now-you plug the starter into your AC outlet via your extension cord, start it, and pull out your plug and go. A small starter hooked up right could let me do that-but then it still has to be connected to the motor to start it-does a starter freewheel, or does it engage and disengage from a flywheel after you fire up the engine? I have to claim ignorance on this one.

stubman (author)ehmbee2009-01-03

A car starter works just like you said, engages and disengages from the flywheel The gizmo that makes it all work is called a bendix. It has a gear with a light spring that pushes it away from the flywheel teeth. So at rest, the bendix gear doesn't mesh with the flywheel. Under load from the starter, centrifugal force spins it up a screw , compressing the spring, and allows both gears to mesh. The screw shape also forces the bendix gear back down when the motor cranks and is spinning faster than the starter. I think I described that well. Search "starter bendix" for a pic.

ehmbee (author)stubman2009-01-04

Yeah, that acutually gives me a great visual, thanks. I guess the starters for briggs motors engage the flywheel at the base of the motor (on a vertical shaft motor).

stubman (author)ehmbee2008-12-22

True that! busted knuckles an all. It may like you said freewheel if it doesn't have a gear reduction of some sort and you disconnect the power. I wouldn't try using it as a generator to recharge either. You won't be able to easily control the voltage. Just not worth it. Use an older starter relay from a Ford $9ish that way it will completly disconnect the motor from battery. It might work then without loading the motor to much.

ehmbee (author)stubman2008-12-22

I think mine is set up to freewheel beyond it's operating RPM in the same direction. Basically I hate rope starting ANYTHING ('cause I'm like Baby Huey and break ropes) and I'm also not fond of ripping off extremities. I'm least fond of shelling out for a new, electric-start lawnmower, however. Yeah, it's a lot of math to come up with that equation..... M

ehmbee (author)ehmbee2008-12-22

I'm thinking of something more on the lines of a funny car starter-put it on, fire it up, pull it off. As long as it does not grab, I should be able to do that.

ehmbee (author)stubman2009-01-02

I just noticed your mention of the chain flying off-I'd build a guard for sure, and not some bicycle chain guard but a hand build one from heavy sheetmetal probably. Of course a motorcycle chain goes round and round plenty fast and does not fly off....could you freehweel a pulley somehow? then you could have a belt, and at worst, you'd lose a belt which is only a little worse than getting slapped by my gf :-) M

ravingking2008 (author)2009-02-11

unlucky m8 . nice project but building stuff like this aint hre best way to keep ur fingers

stubman (author)ravingking20082009-02-11

Hummm.. do you know me? Why do you think they call me Stub? I can function quite well with 9.5 fingers! It's also just the right length and without a fingernail has been handy as a scratchless G-spot messager :-) Lets just say that chicks dig it! I can also do what I call stupid human tricks. I like to make people think I have a finger shoved up my nose and past the second knuckle. You should see the looks I get! It's a hoot at stoplights.

ravingking2008 (author)stubman2009-03-22

ha ha wicked chap. i like your humour . sound

bobguerra (author)ravingking20082009-02-25

maybe Drink gallons of Alchy the night before and just piss all over then wipe your hiny the goout for more when you feel the urge:D

lordsonny (author)2009-02-11

cool i think its cool

robbtoberfest (author)2008-12-23

This is awesome! Even though I love solar energy and other alternative energy, there's just something special about small gas powered piston engines used in unique and fun ways like this. I was thinking of making a gas-powered flashlight/spotlight next summer.

stubman (author)robbtoberfest2008-12-26

How much more alternative can you get than using gas to power a blender! besides, it's all recycled shop junk :-) Gas powered flashlight... That's completely pointless. I LOVE it! Maybe you could "recycle" a backpack style leaf blower, spin a car alternator, then run a massive spotlight!

stubman (author)stubman2008-12-26

Oooo.. I had another idea! Build a hat with lights on the side sort of like one of those beer hats. Gives a new meaning to headlights. MOOHAHAHA! You might could sale them to deaf rednecks who deer hunt!

bwpatton1 (author)stubman2009-01-27

ure mind is like a neclear reaction isnt it? thoughts just bouncin everywhere. Dont worry mine is too!! Pie..... Neclear Fision.....?????........ Hmm.....m.m.m.m.m.

stubman (author)bwpatton12009-01-27

Huh? I like pie!

ehmbee (author)stubman2009-01-02

I'd mount two rotating beacons on either side of the hat-you know, for a forklift. M

gnomedriver (author)2008-12-25
stubman (author)gnomedriver2008-12-26

You two should get together and make a gumbo.

mdeblasi1 (author)2008-12-25

Wow, your margaritas taste like jet fuel; tell me, what is your secret?

carrierpilot1357 (author)2008-12-25

now were talking enviromentally friendly!

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-12-21

This could give that guy who does those "will it blend" videos a run for his money!

those will it blend videos are really funny! so is the "is it a good idea to microwave this?" show.

pls (author)I_am_Canadian2008-12-21


lordofthedonuts (author)2008-12-21

If the electric motor freewheels when the engine is running how do you recharge the batteries ?

stubman (author)lordofthedonuts2008-12-21

I haven't completly worked that out yet but I think I'm going to use the Dewalt charger. I may cut off the top of the battery so I have a plug that plugs into the Dewalt charger, then a cord from it that plugs into the battery pack.

gnasty gnork (author)2008-12-21

LOL EPIC!!!!! 20 out of 5 stars!!!!!

Rob K (author)2008-12-21

This is cool.

They do make a commercial version of a gas powered blender. They call it the Daiquiri Whacker but they dotn have the electric start.

Padlock (author)2008-12-20

Hahaha. Awesome. +5 stars, defiantly.

ve2vfd (author)2008-12-20

Cool! Looks like an evil version of the Cabellas gas powered blender + starter! Now the real question... will it puree a brick in 5 seconds flat? :)

stubman (author)ve2vfd2008-12-20

Yea, It's turning out great! I have a little more to do but it starts and runs well. WTF? BRICKS!

ve2vfd (author)stubman2008-12-20

Ok, maybe not a brick... :)

Then again check this out, they blend everything but bricks! :)

Saw it on Attack of the Show on G4 a while back

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