I made this gown for my daughter right before she was born. I knew I wanted to create her blessing dress, but imagined I would sew one for her. I had never crocheted any article of clothing like this before, but with a little ambition, patience, and handy YouTube tutorials, I found myself holding my daughter in a piece I never imagined I could create.

I hope you try this gown out if you're tempted to have something like this for your baby's blessing or christening occasion. I was self taught with how to crochet bedspread thread, and I know you can be taught how to do this too!

Size: Newborn

I bought the pattern online which can be downloaded, but altered the sleeves and booties to look more modern.

Step 1: Material List & Thread Rant

For this gown you will need:

  • DMC Cébélia white bedspread weight cotton thread, size 10, 9-10 balls (282 yards/ball) with the same dye lot #
  • steel crochet hook size 6
  • 1/8" ribbon (5 yards)
  • 3/8" buttons (3)
  • pineapple christening set pattern, newborn size, altering the sleeves and booties (instructions to follow)

The pattern was great for me for a few reasons:

  1. Instructions are easy to dissect and follow
  2. Pattern is cha-eep ($5)
  3. Downloadable e pattern: I can get started right away and save a copy to my hard drive
  4. Easy to alter: I was able to alter the pattern on the sleeves & booties to be more modern and not so 1800's.

* When you are working on a project that uses more than one ball of thread, check that the dye lot is the same number. You can order white, but if it is not from the same dye lot, you risk getting a ball that is slightly different in hue. Typically, if your yarn shop has a bundle of thread in stock, many should be from the same dye lot. Also, quality thread is crucial. Don't be tempted to go cheap. This thread is worth every penny (about $50) and will make grandmum most proud. If you cannot find this thread at your local yarn shop, you can find it online.

Thank you so much!
What a beautiful pattern!
I agree. It was fun altering the pattern too!

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