Introduction: Blind's Aid

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Helps blind walk without stick. Very cheap and effective :-) :-).

Installed in cap to keep your hand free!!!

Step 1: Things Required

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  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Ultrasonic Module HC-SR-04
  3. Jump Wires (F to M)
  4. Jump Wires (M to M)
  5. Connecting Wire ( to connect Arduino to Computer to Program it)
  6. Buzzer
  7. A Cap
  8. Breadboard ( Not much needed)

Step 2: Connections

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  • Connect the "Trig" pin of sensor to pin 9 of Arduino
  • Connect the "Echo" pin of sensor to pin 8 of Arduino
  • Power the sensor
  • Connect the "-ive" of buzzer to "Gnd" of Arduino
  • Connect the "+ive" of the buzzer to pin 10 of Arduino

Step 3: Programming Code

Write a code by yourself if you wish so or i have the code.It is below:-

Step 4: Finishing Touch

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Now attach this to cap such that the sensor is in the front side of the cap.


Afnas PB (author)2018-01-08

can i get the code for arduino in any language???

Ritika_sharma made it! (author)2017-03-26

it's a very useful project. i tried it although the buzzer keep buzzing in same pitch without stopping even once. can you help me pointing out the possible mistake in it?

Just Send me the code and connections properly

mArisch (author)2016-10-09


Crazy E-Hub (author)mArisch2016-10-11

thanks vote for me pls

mArisch (author)Crazy E-Hub2016-10-12


seamster (author)2016-10-07

Interesting idea. Have you by any chance had a blind person try it out? I'd be curious about their feedback.

Thanks for sharing this!

Crazy E-Hub (author)seamster2016-10-11

Thanks for your reply. I have made a blind try this and it worked out inside house nut outside it is not possible with small rage distance sensor. instead of the sensor that i use can be replaced by some long range sensor then it can be a perfect solution for visually impaired persons

Crazy E-Hub (author)Crazy E-Hub2016-10-11

and also pls vote for me

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