Introduction: Blind's Aid

Helps blind walk without stick. Very cheap and effective :-) :-).

Installed in cap to keep your hand free!!!

Step 1: Things Required

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Ultrasonic Module HC-SR-04
  3. Jump Wires (F to M)
  4. Jump Wires (M to M)
  5. Connecting Wire ( to connect Arduino to Computer to Program it)
  6. Buzzer
  7. A Cap
  8. Breadboard ( Not much needed)

Step 2: Connections

  • Connect the "Trig" pin of sensor to pin 9 of Arduino
  • Connect the "Echo" pin of sensor to pin 8 of Arduino
  • Power the sensor
  • Connect the "-ive" of buzzer to "Gnd" of Arduino
  • Connect the "+ive" of the buzzer to pin 10 of Arduino

Step 3: Programming Code

Write a code by yourself if you wish so or i have the code.It is below:-

Step 4: Finishing Touch

Now attach this to cap such that the sensor is in the front side of the cap.


Ritika_sharma made it! (author)2017-03-26

it's a very useful project. i tried it although the buzzer keep buzzing in same pitch without stopping even once. can you help me pointing out the possible mistake in it?

mArisch (author)2016-10-09


VigneshR3 (author)mArisch2016-10-11

thanks vote for me pls

mArisch (author)VigneshR32016-10-12


seamster (author)2016-10-07

Interesting idea. Have you by any chance had a blind person try it out? I'd be curious about their feedback.

Thanks for sharing this!

VigneshR3 (author)seamster2016-10-11

Thanks for your reply. I have made a blind try this and it worked out inside house nut outside it is not possible with small rage distance sensor. instead of the sensor that i use can be replaced by some long range sensor then it can be a perfect solution for visually impaired persons

VigneshR3 (author)VigneshR32016-10-11

and also pls vote for me

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