Bling out your Breadboard (how to add LED power indicator to Solarbotics transparent breadboard)

Picture of Bling out your Breadboard (how to add LED power indicator to Solarbotics transparent breadboard)
These transparent breadboards are much like any other electronics breadboard, but they are clear! So, what can one do with a clear breadboard? I think the obvious answer is add a power LEDs!

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Step 1: Here are the parts

Picture of Here are the parts
Here are the parts we'll be using:
1 x 200 point 21030 transparent breadboard
1 x Super ultra-bright LED (Red)
1 x Super bright LED (blue)
2 x 100 ohm resistors
1 x 2-pin header (optional)
1 x Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit (optional - it's just a convenient 5V power supply)

(here's a bundle link for all the necessary parts)

Drill with 3/8" bit (5mm works better)
Hot-glue gun
Soldering tools

Step 2: Prepare the LEDs

Picture of Prepare the LEDs
Unless if your LED is already a flat-top, you'll have to grind/sand/cut it down to that the top is flat, and not far (within 1mm or 3/16") from the LED glowing element. There's not that much room to shove a whole LED in.

We used a sanding belt to bring it down to size, but see how it leaves the top an opaque white? Here's a trick: Rub the flat face against a sheet of paper for a full minute. It brings up the polish quite well, and if the face is fairly smooth, you can almost get it back to stock clarity.

Step 3: Drill the hole

Picture of Drill the hole
You don't need to measure - just watch how far in the drill bit goes! Go in as far and as close as you are comfortable (don't hit the metal breadboard rails), and clear out the drilled plastic.
dragon7888 months ago

Would be interesting to see if this could be tweaked to track the power draw of the circuit to see when you are getting close to overloading a power supply.

yah we need those nails to work on small stuff lol
So true!
Beergnome3 years ago
Ive seen dirtier nails... Im looking at some right now!
nigel cox3 years ago
A great instructable, will be having a go myself, after polishing the led on the newspaper add a drop of clear nail varnish this should bring it back to original spec, regards Doc Cox
zybro4 years ago
Fun. I like it.
Solarbotics (author) 5 years ago
It's a handy indicator when you've left power to a circuit that shouldn't be left on. That, and it's a great way to use a transparent breadboard!
agis685 years ago
 OK but what the need to do something like that???