These transparent breadboards are much like any other electronics breadboard, but they are clear! So, what can one do with a clear breadboard? I think the obvious answer is add a power LEDs!

Step 1: Here Are the Parts

Here are the parts we'll be using:
1 x 200 point 21030 transparent breadboard
1 x Super ultra-bright LED (Red)
1 x Super bright LED (blue)
2 x 100 ohm resistors
1 x 2-pin header (optional)
1 x Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit (optional - it's just a convenient 5V power supply)

(here's a bundle link for all the necessary parts)

Drill with 3/8" bit (5mm works better)
Hot-glue gun
Soldering tools
<p>Would be interesting to see if this could be tweaked to track the power draw of the circuit to see when you are getting close to overloading a power supply.</p>
yah we need those nails to work on small stuff lol
So true!
Ive seen dirtier nails... Im looking at some right now!
A great instructable, will be having a go myself, after polishing the led on the newspaper add a drop of clear nail varnish this should bring it back to original spec, regards Doc Cox
Fun. I like it.
It's a handy indicator when you've left power to a circuit that shouldn't be left on. That, and it's a great way to use a transparent breadboard!<br />
&nbsp;OK but what the need to do something like that???

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