Bling out your Breadboard (how to add LED power indicator to Solarbotics transparent breadboard)

Step 2: Prepare the LEDs

Picture of Prepare the LEDs
Unless if your LED is already a flat-top, you'll have to grind/sand/cut it down to that the top is flat, and not far (within 1mm or 3/16") from the LED glowing element. There's not that much room to shove a whole LED in.

We used a sanding belt to bring it down to size, but see how it leaves the top an opaque white? Here's a trick: Rub the flat face against a sheet of paper for a full minute. It brings up the polish quite well, and if the face is fairly smooth, you can almost get it back to stock clarity.
Beergnome3 years ago
Ive seen dirtier nails... Im looking at some right now!
nigel cox4 years ago
A great instructable, will be having a go myself, after polishing the led on the newspaper add a drop of clear nail varnish this should bring it back to original spec, regards Doc Cox