Step 4: Install the LED

Just don't go jamming it in! Figure out what lead is the cathode (-) and anode (+). The anode is the longer of the two leads. You want this on the top, so it lines up best with the positive power rail.

Use a dab of hot-glue to hold the LED in the hole. If you used a 3/16" drill bit, it may be tight. You might have to redrill it out by wiggling the drill bit side-to-side to open up the hole diameter a bit.

NOTE: If and when you do the LED on the other side, the polarities will reverse because you will be approaching the power rails from the other end. Make sure you keep your anode (+) and cathode (-) / red / blue rails sorted out!

<p>Would be interesting to see if this could be tweaked to track the power draw of the circuit to see when you are getting close to overloading a power supply.</p>
yah we need those nails to work on small stuff lol
So true!
Ive seen dirtier nails... Im looking at some right now!
A great instructable, will be having a go myself, after polishing the led on the newspaper add a drop of clear nail varnish this should bring it back to original spec, regards Doc Cox
Fun. I like it.
It's a handy indicator when you've left power to a circuit that shouldn't be left on. That, and it's a great way to use a transparent breadboard!<br />
&nbsp;OK but what the need to do something like that???

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