Picture of Blingy Bear Body Suit!
Teddy Bear from above.jpg
Teddy Bear Bling 4.jpg
Teddy Bear Bling 5.jpg
Teddy Bear Bling.jpg
My brother and I love to make some wacky stuff in our free time. I had made the pants for the teddy bear in early August, so when I heard about the bling contest, I decided to add a shirt to this stuffed animal's couture! To me, personally, he looks kind of like Elvis Presley minus the hair and sweet moves. Anyway, enjoy my shiny, blinding instructable!
                                     - Luv Luv Lily Baldwin : )
scoochmaroo3 years ago
So cute!
Lily Baldwin (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thanks! It was really great to meet you at the Maker Faire! You are a great maker and I love all of your holiday guides. Thanks again!