Perform a task on your Personal Computer that could formerly be done only by a large, clunky, expensive machine, and do it better. This Instructable uses a lot of words to describe a fairly easy procedure, but the payoff is worth it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wag your tail.To see my related Instructables, click on "unclesam" just below the title above or in the INFO box to the right. On the new page that appears, repeatedly click "NEXT" to see all of them.

Step 1: What the Blink?

A Blink Comparator is a device that aids visual inspection of one complex object or image as compared against another. The comparator causes even small and subtle differences between the two to visually blink at the viewer. I provide a source for demonstration image pairs and instructions for capturing and blinking them.
PC running Windows XP, which includes Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. PAINT program to capture, trim and save pairs of images on the computer. The blink effect can probably be implemented using many other programs and on MACs.
To download a free image editor and viewer that will blink two images, see IRFANVIEW in Comments section below this Instructable for details.
IRFANVIEW blinker. Free download from irfanview.com, very capable image and photo editor and viewer, 1.25 Meg, Certified virus free. (Caution: during installation, you will be asked whether to “associate” certain file types, checked from a list, with irfanview. If you check any file types, irfanview will become your default viewer for those types). Once installed, open irfanview: Start>Programs>IrFanView>IrFanView 4.20. Click “slideshow” icon on toolbar of new window, slideshow window will open. Click to select 1) Slide Advancement: Automatic after mouse/keyboard input; 2) Slideshow options: Hide mouse cursor; 3) Play mode: Full Screen; 4) Centered; 5) Show Preview Image. Browse your computer for image pair, select them and add them into slideshow window. Click “Play Sideshow.” Use keyboard arrow keys to toggle between images, which will make their differences blink, and hit Esc key when finished. Click “Slideshow” icon on toolbar of resulting new window to blink another pair of images. U.S.
if you can "see" the pictures in those random dot stereographs, you can do these pretty easily . in the case of the upper and lower pictures, tilt your head 90 degrees, unfocus your eyes, cross them until the elements of the pics that are the same line up. refocus your eyes, and voila! the parts of the image that are different will stick out like a sore thumb. if the images are side by side, don't tilt your head. good idea, though. not everybody appreciates the headaches and eyestrain that go along with my method. :)
i think you can press and hold "page up" or "page down" too if you want to(?) or maybe it's the arrow keys...

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