Introduction: Blinker's

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Two blinker's one is with NE555 and other with resistors BC548.
The schematic for blinker NE555 is HERE,and schematic with transistor's HERE
The video of blinker's you can watch on youtube

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    So, interesting 'ible, but I can't seem to find it on your site. Any chance of getting a link that will get us there directly, without having to scroll through five years of posts?

    Below slide show there are links for both blinkers madi in "point to point wiring"

    Love this. The style is close to ( or maybe the same ) as "free form" and/or "dead bug" Google it for a lot of links. I particularly like:

    this work good but 4 leds doesn't make people much interesting

    Love the point to point wiring! Looks like a piece of art jewelry you would find at a craftshow,

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    Thanks,and I love this kind of wiring.