Blinking El Wire Bike Lights





Introduction: Blinking El Wire Bike Lights

This is my first el wire project (like I'll have a second, lol). I  hope I'm not the only one thinking my bike looks like a tron bike, lol!

Step 1: Getting Started

What you need:
 -3m el wire (I used blue)- RadioShack- $9.99 on clearance
 -Battery powered inverter for el wire, tape, or panel- RadioShack- $9.99 not on clearance, lol
 -2 AA batteries (for the inverter)
 -clear tape

Step 2: Installing the Inverter

I put the inverter under my seat so I could control the lights while I ride my bike but, you can put it anywhere that's just where it felt comfortable to me. Depending on the size and type of your seat you can just push it in and then find a way to tape it in. Then you place the connector down and then tape it in place.

Step 3: Installing the El Wire

Place and tape the el wire at the indicated locations. Make sure not to interfere with the braking cables on the bike.

Step 4: Operating

The modes are solid blue, one push, slow blink, 2 pushes, fast blink, 3 pushes, and off, 4 pushes. Enjoy!



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    Thanks so much, thanks for the feedback!

    I don't know but I probably will but as of right now I'm broke (teenage jobs don't pay very well, lol). So yes I probably will, thank you for your question!