Introduction: Blinking Hulk

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Makers: Chakravrthi And kushal

Location: Banjarapalya E4D Maker space.

We made this project at Banjarapalya E4D Makerspace, for The Instructables Build Night On Circuit Scribe. We enjoy this build night and this Blinking hulk is looking so good.


1.Conductive pen

2.A4 sheet

3.Photo sensor

4.NP N Transistor




8. 9v Battery





4. Stencil

Step 1: Draw the Hulk Face

Picture of Draw the Hulk Face

First take one A4 sheet then draw the Hulk face with the help of pencil.

Step 2: Plan the Circuit

Picture of Plan the Circuit

Take another A4 sheet then plan the circuit for Hulk face, After planing draw the circuit with the help of conductive pen.

Step 3: Fix the All Comonents

Picture of Fix the All Comonents

After draw the circuit take LED's, Blinker, Photo sensor, NP N transistor, 9V battery, Buzzer to and fix it to the circuit with the help of Steel pad as showing in the photo.

Step 4: Put the Circuit Under the Drawing

Picture of Put the Circuit Under the Drawing

After fixing all components take the circuit and put it under the Hulk drawing.

Step 5: Final Step

Picture of Final Step

After completing all steps it will look like this.

Step 6: See Video

Picture of See Video

See video.


tomatoskins (author)2015-02-19

That's a great drawing and wonderful electronics!

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