Picture of Blinky Fish
Assembly instructions for an add-on board for the Arduino.

http://www.instructables.com/id/Blinky-Fish-Kickstarter-Project/  ************

It has some LED's and a button.  

It connects to digital pins 9-13 and ground.  My hope is that this will be useful to people that want to play with writing code for the Arduino, but don't want to build a little circuit every time they want to test something out.

I'm including all the files you would need to build your own.  I am also offering these for sale.  I figure this is the only real way to find out if this is useful to other people. 

I have only a few boards right now, but they are not quite right.  I have included a hack towards the end of this instructable.  

Here is a small web-store I've set-up.  The name is stupid, but easy to remember and spell.



Can buy kit here now.  (4/20/2013)



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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
Here are the parts!

-PCB - 
-3 - LED's
-Push button
-Right angle header

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Tools - 

-Soldering iron
-Cutters (?)

-The soldering is pretty easy, so I never had to use the flux pen.

- To make anything happen, you will also need an Arduiono 2009 and a computer with the Arduino IDE.

- I like to work on a white peice of paper, it keeps me from loosing parts.  It is also a good if you are taking photos.
sjones4114 years ago
I just got my Blinky Fish kit, and am incredibly happy with it! I swapped out the three red LEDs for a red, green, and blue one. This is a great little project if you need some solder practice, or want to learn how to cut leads (for the time being ;P). Plus, it's hard to beat the price of it! I can't even remember the last time I had $2 shipping on anything that cost $6. Plus, PoopDirect's $4 ATmega 328 chips are the cheapest I've seen. All in all, great kit, and a great Instructable. Keep up the good work!
marc.cryan (author)  sjones4114 years ago
"just got my Blinky Fish kit, and am incredibly happy with it!" Awesome! Thanks for the great comment. I am really glad you like it. Next up.... 'Hypnotic Cartoon Toad' -Marc
supah4x0r1 year ago
Just received mine in the mail, and for an international shipping, $2 is the cheapest i've seen, definitely recommend to my friends
mikeasaurus4 years ago
reminds me of this guy....
Pretty sure that's the idea. Haha
Great work!

When does you site open again for selling?Really want a few for in class
marc.cryan (author)  doctor.starbucks2 years ago
You asked me about this Blinky Fish project along time ago --3 years latter, it is up on kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marc-cryan/blinky-fish
marc.cryan (author)  doctor.starbucks4 years ago
When does you site open again for selling?Really want a few for in class

Thanks - Right now I am sold out of everything, but I'm getting ready to order an updated version.    How many where you thinking about ?

Just starting with adriuino in the classes. Starting with one board. Thinking of one/two. Next year maybe more
lmperkins4 years ago
Since the kit appears to be no longer available would it be possible to make the board design available so we could make our own? Its a very cute and useful tool. Thanks.
marc.cryan (author)  lmperkins2 years ago
You asked me about this Blinky Fish project awhile ago -- I just made it into a kickstarter project here - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marc-cryan/blinky-fish
LeumasYrrep4 years ago
I so want an Arduino, will have to check this out again when I get one.
abbtech4 years ago
Cool looking board!
w0rm54 years ago
That seemed cool till now, but what´s the use of making something small and fun for kids if it has to be attached to an arduino board?
marc.cryan (author) 4 years ago
I started a web page to sell stuff - it is www.PoopDirect.com

It needs some work, so if you have questions please send me a note.

I'm planning to update it quite a bit tonight.

New domain name perhaps?
kelseymh4 years ago
This is excellent! Detailed, clear pictures, and the option of actually making it or letting you do the work :-) I only noticed one thing which needs fixing: On Step 3, you tells that the resistors are all "##K" :-)
marc.cryan (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
Thanks - done and done!