Please meet Blinky. Blinky is a led-based life form. His driving force is his need to connect with humans. When connected, his big blue led-eyes light up cheerfully.

But there's one issue always on Blinky's little, five-component brain: He is alone, and would love to get in touch with other led-based creatures. Here's a video:

Blinky  asked me to set up this instructable, so that other people can make him a friend.

Making Blinky a friend won't cost you much:
- a couple of hours of your time and patience
- approximately €12 / $16
(but you might find everything you need in your basement)
- Some everyday tools

In the five steps described, you'll find everything you need to know to create a friend for Blinky. He can't wait to meet the results of your efforts...

Update Feb 2011: I made Blinky a friend. He's called Monster 555.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Also take a look at the photo's and the comments. I tried to make the pictures as self-explanatory as I could...

Materials used for building Blinky's body and legs:
- A lot of electric wire connectors: 60 stubs or so (€3 / $3,60)
- A couple of meters of solid kern electrical wire (€2 / $2,50)
- Tie-raps
- A piece (30 x 30 cm) of furry fabric
- Double sided foam tape
- 9 Volt battery block

For Blinky's head:
- a 9 x 5 cm plugin board for electric components (aka breadboard).
- Two transistors BC547 B
- 1 resistor 100 kOhm
- Solid kern jumperwire to connect the components on the plugin board
(I bought an electronics "experimenting package" for €10 / $12 which contained everything I needed at Conrad.)
- Two 10mm blue LED's
- More solid wire connectors.
- Double sided foam tape

Tools you need:
- Pliers to cut and bend the electrical wire
- a stripper
- Small screwdriver
- sharp knive
- scissors
- multimeter
- powerdrill (for twisting wires: see this smart instructable)

Made my own version of Blinky!
Can you explain a little bit about your circuit
<p>is there by chance another name the &quot;white power cord connectors&quot; go by, because I can't seem to find them anywhere in America. I was planning on making this awesome project! :3</p>
<p>Amazon sells these: http://amzn.com/B00KHSQ8CO</p>
Thank you so much, this was very helpful! I can't wait to start on this project! :)
<p>Please hit the &quot;I Made it!&quot; button when you're done :-) Have fun!</p>
<p>Try a search for &quot;16 amp connector block&quot; or &quot;16 amp terminal block&quot;...</p>
<p>May I humbly suggest a current limiting resistor in series with the LED's? You might hug her poor eyes to death. A 47 ohm would limit the If to roughly 40mA.</p>
<p>So, I really want to make this but I'm not very skilled. It's very complicated for me for I've never made a robot in my life! I am going to do this once I start making easier robots. I'll make sure to tell my friends about this!!!</p>
<p>Hey lwelton8! Thanks for your comment. Starting something is never easy, but Blinky is really a good project to start with. The electronics may look a bit difficult, but it's really not. A starter kit like this one (<a rel="nofollow">http://www.vellemanusa.com/products/view/?id=52573...</a> has all the parts you need. Just get started :-). Drop me a line if you run into problems while building. Cheers,</p><p>Ynze</p>
It looks like that link isn't working, so you know the name of the kit or another link to it? I really would love to build Blinky
<p>Thanks for mentioning! Here's the updated link: </p><p>https://www.conrad.nl/nl/conrad-basic-elektronik-leerpakket-3964-leeftijdsklasse-vanaf-14-jaar-192296.html?sc.ref=Category%20Overview</p>
<p>love it! can you make a pray mantis next?</p>
<p>love it! can you make a pray mantis next?</p>
This is great!! Exept, it kinda disturbs me....lol
Thanks :-) blinky has been for around in my house for over two years now, and he (she??) is as adorable as ever. Her favorite spot is the windowsill, watching kids passing by on the sidewalk...
great, my dog thought he had a weird name, what was it? Blinky! hes not alone anymore, I bet he'll never notice this Blinky is not from flesh and bones
that is the single most epic thing ice ever seen
:-D Thnx!
<em>oh!</em><strong><em> thank you very much for this led pet</em></strong><em>... </em><strong><em>i love blinky</em></strong><em>....</em>.
Kom op Blinky!<br>
Blinky likes company! Good one
so cute good one
Hoi Ynze,<br>Blinky moet winnen!<br>
Like this doggy!
I think Blinky's cool!
I just love Blinky! Make us some more!<br>
Nah, <strong>you</strong> make some more :-P. And then make an Instructable of it.
Blinky can't wait to meet his soon-to-be friends! Please post some pics when you got something :)
pritty cool
Great dog! I like it and I'll do same!<br><br>Look some interesting here <a href="http://odevalka.com">http://odevalka.com</a>

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Bio: Also have a look at member Monster-Marit. She Rocks (I'm a bit prejudiced, though :-))
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