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Introduction: Blinkytile Flower Backbag

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What you can make with Blinkytile Expansion Pack?

I made a flower for my orange back bag.

Step 1: Materials

1. back bag

2. some lanyard buckle clips

3. Blinkytile : need 31 tiles (WS2822 addressable leds)

4. diffussers: 31 pces

5. Lightbuddy LED controller, from BlinkyTile Light Sculpture Kit

6. data cables

7. USB power bank

8. micro usb cable

Step 2: Solder the Blinkytile and Reprogram the Address If It Is Needed

Step 3: Attach the Lanyard Buckle Clips to the Back Bag

Step 4: Attach the Blinkytile Flower to the Back Bag and Assemble the Diffusers to the Blinkytile Flower

Step 5: Connect to the Usb Power Bank and Draw Your Own Pattern.

software: Pattern Paint from Blinkinlabs, no programming experiment is needed. just draw your own pattern and upload to the light buddy controller. And the software is free!. You can download it from Blinkinlabs website.

Step 6: I Connected the Flower to a Rotary Connector and a Gear Box. Then It Looked a Little Funny.



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